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Elfen Lied RP
heres a Elfen Lied Role Playing Forum,we each start in the facilty and than we meet up,can be either male or female, plot is mostly based on the events in the anime
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The Second Heartbeat
Wanna talk with somebody about Elfen Lied? Got a question that needs answering? Feel like bouncing an idea around? Come on in! Everybody is welcome, so don't be shy!
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Elfen Lied RPG
This is a rpg forum for the awesome anime and manga series Elfen Lied. You can either be someone from the series or you can make your own. Or both if you want.
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Elfen Lied Role Play: Present and Future
Two RPs for the price of one! Create a character and live through the events of Elfen Lied. Or fast-forward to 2043 and witness events during my fanfic, Aftermath. WARNING: The present-day RP will contain major Aftermath spoilers!
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Elfen Lied RP - Open to Everyone!
This is basically an elfen lied rp... be male, female, human, or Diclonius! Everyone is welcome!
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Elfen Lied RP
*I apologize if this forum sucks, it's my first.* This forum is mainly for creating your own characters, and writing RP's about them! You may create a human, or Diclonius, or you can use characters from the original story and write an RP about them.
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Diclonius Paradise
A forum for Elfen Lied fans to come and discuss their favorite characters, scenes, and moments about the series. Just a place for fans to have fun and talk.
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Lets Talk aboot Elfen Lied
I need to know aboot Elfen Lied so help me out here
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Elfen Lied Roleplay
Come here to play as any of the characters from the anime or make your own. It's simple. It's fun, it's awsome.
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elfen lied
for those of us who have finished either the anime me or the manga/both and want to talk about your thoughts on it! :3
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The Bando and Mayu Pairing
Honestly, this pairing doesn't have much attention to it, and the fandom isn't as popular as other pairings. In this Forum, Authors who support this pairing should discuss topic ideas for the pairing, and how we can make the pairing become more popular.
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Just Another Elfen Lied RP
This is just another EL RP forum. Be a guy or a girl. Human or Diclonius. Live your life as if you were in the sad world of the Diclonius.
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Dark anime series
I wanted to make a forum that deals with the dark, disturbing and sometimes just plain wrong anime series. Not just about Elfen Lied.
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Elfen Lied
Anything and all Elfen Lied. Positive feelings or negative feelings. I just want to know what you think about Elfen Lied, or if you want, what you know.
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For an Elfen Lied season 2, do you think it should
Should, if there ever will be a new season for Elfen Lied, start where it left off along with a new conflict, or start with a different character that has had a life and conflict like Lucy's?
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Elfen Lied RP Room
This is a Elfen Lied RP room
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I Expect You To Die
After having an encounter with a girl with pink hair, strange horns, and powers beyond human reach. A Strange Mute Hero becomes involved with many—Horrifying—Obstacles that has him meeting corrput agents, offensive people, mutants, and a loving family?.. sounds like odd fun to him...
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