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Together Yoyokagirinaku
Questions, comments, answers? This is the place to talk about Together Yoyokagirinaku.
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Angels Wings
A forum for those who have subscribed to my C2 community of the same name.
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Descended Shadow Discussions
This forum is in place for the discussion of anything to do with the Series, 'The Descended Shadow'
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Piece of Her Wings Forum
A chance for the readers and the author to get to some SERIOUS talkin! Help me make this story better. Come join us!
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Escaflowne: All you need Is Love Forum
This forum is for discussion on my Escaflowne fanfiction, All you need is Love, Isn't it? Feel free to ask any questions, provide your own opinions and offer up open discussion on this story.
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Just You Wait
Hey, who from you like this fanfiction? I have to say it is great story, or not? Rui go on!
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Escaflowne: Problems with the fans
Discussions about the show or movie. I would particularly like to talk to anyone who needs editors for their stories. Come here for help!
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Escaflowne chat
A place for fans to chat about the series, discuss stories, or just get to know each other.
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Deeper than the Sky
Forums for my project, Deeper than the Sky. Discussions, questions, and comments are welcome.
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Fanfiction d'Escaflowne en francais
Venez parlez des fic d'escaflowne en francais, autant les miennes que ceux des autres auteurs francophones!
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all things escaflowne
escaflowne stuff
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Escaflowne Challenges
The title says it all...post story ideas and challenge others to write 'em! PM the challenger if you take up their idea...
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Escaflowne BetaReaders Circle
Just a place to look for a beta reader or offer your betareading abilities to those who are looking for one.
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The Barracks
For all you Dragon Slayer fans, here's your forum! RPGs, speculation, idea discussion, and anything else 'Slayer, it's all here. Slashers welcome! Visit the sister c2, We Will Always Protect You, when you're finished!
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love of van and hitomi
van and hitomi a forum for van and hitomi lovers
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The Forgotten Chronicles
Here lie the woes of those who have read forgotten and abandoned stories.
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Questions and Story Discussions
Hello everyone. I'm not sure how much everyone likes my writing, but I'd like to try and have some discussions about the general anime and whatnot here. Feel free to post anything you like as long as it complies with terms and conditions.
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For all those who are fond of this rather unusual but also fascinating pairing.
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