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Eureka seveN
Talking about Eureak seveN
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Ghost squadron: New Dawn
(Not related to the anime/manga) premise is in forum
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Historical Eureka 7 Forum
A forum for discussion of the Historical Eureka Seven Saga. Come in and discuss anything and everything, from characters and plot to suggestions and advice and everything in-between. There is no holds barred here. Enjoy!
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Against the wind and through the waves
Eureka seveN Roleplay. Set 20 years after the end of the show. Join in, have fun, and keep this wonderful franchise alive.
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Episode Discussion
I have too much free time on my hands so I want to discuss the episodes as they come on [as]. If youve seen anything past the newest [as] episode, Don't post a spoiler!
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Heaven's Divide
Rant or Rave about my story. It's my first publicly view work, so let me know what you think. Any ideas you think I should incorporate into the storyline? Let me know. I will also keep a record of how far along I am on upcoming chapters.
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Jedi Reloaded
Want to talk about the Story?
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Eureka and Renton 4ever!
Come here if your a Eureka x Renton fan!
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Eureka 7: The Unknown Stranger
When Leo wakes up laying down near the entrance to the hometown famous for the being the home of Axel and Renton Thurston. The only problem is that Leo doesn't remember a thing about him. Now, Leo must search for his memory and soon learns a shocking reve
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