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War on Flamers
for those that think that its abou time that flamers need to either put up or shut up. to enjoy the show read Those Eyes
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I am Shinji
Is there anyone else who thinks that a sort of crossover between I Am Legend and Evangelion would be a great idea?
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C Nemo's works in progress
Here is where I shall leave sporatic updates on my fanfiction. Please feel free to post anything on my stories.
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The Angel of Doubt Discussion
Questions, comments, concerns, idle chit-chat. Anything about The Angel of Doubt or anything related, post it here.
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Geofront Writers Garage
Got writers block? Need ideas for a new story? Well, talk to me and I'll see what we can do.
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Memento Mori R&D
Memento Mori, where the Children of Tokyo-3 meet the Soul Society, random Espada survivors, and that damn Geta-Boshi! Still under developement and any input is appreciated!
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Shinji and Misato
For all fans of Shinji and Misato to discuss this unlikely pair of heroes.
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Return to Evangelion
Just to get ideas and opinions as to how the story is since it is an old idea being revived.
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The Many Bodies of Shinji Ikari
Shinji Ikari is a simple but complex boy, no, man. Please use this forum for discussing works based on Evangelion.
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Shinji and Asuka forum
In this fourum, we will discuss why we love shinji and asuka being together, how they interact, baisicly eveything S/A related. Keep it clean chirldren, my storys may be dirty, but my forum must be clean.
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help looking for evanglion story
i am looking for an evanglion story in which shinji go's back in time to just after second Impact and is found along side misato an as the time come for him to go to Tokyo 3 and see's him self can anyone help me find a story like this one?
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For discussion of the story, the universes, and the hardware utilized in both.
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Come on...It's simple that it's awesome!
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Evangelion La Blue Girl corssover
One of my more cracktastic ideas inspired somewhat by Zentrodie/Mercaba's wonderful Eva corssover fictions. Rather Mature.
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The Merge
A discussion for a fanfic idea. Trying to generate more stories of this type as I've found none.
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Evangelion x Madoka magica
Shinji Ikari raised by Madokami and Homucifer...Okay now hear me out people I'm a firm believer that Shinji as a young child is very mold-able and being raised by two goddesses would be extremely entertaining if anybody actually takes this challenge you'll have to figure out on your own why Madokami and Homucifer are there in the first place but I can totally see Homucifer seeing a small Shinji and going like maybe this will make her forget about the whole dethroning her part now here are some ground rules
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Hola chicos y chicas este forum es para hablar sobre Evangelion
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King’s rule
In the year 2015, angels come from the heavans to destroy all of humanity. Humanity fights with evangelion. But, the war has brought a ancient king to restore the balance.
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Want to write a Evangelion Genderflip Fic ,but I'm not sure how (or if
I've had this idea to make a genderswapped Evangelion fic for a while since I'm kind of a fan of Genderbent AUs plus I've seen some awesome artwork, but I'm not really sure how to without it becoming an exact repeat of the series. Or if it would be redundant considering how Evangelion is already a commentary on gender roles and the three protagonists are genderswapped versions of Mecha Anime Archetypes. I'm also figuring out ways I can fix the symbolism that would kind of be lost.
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Abandoned Evangelion fics that need to be resurrected or adopted
Too many good Evangelion stories are on this site that have been abandoned. This forum is for those stories that don't deserve that fate and need to be resumed and/or adopted. Please add your own stories that you think need adoptions or resurrection.
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NGEfics: Fanfiction de Evangelion en Español
Discusión sobre fanfiction de Evangelion en español.
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