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ES21 The Good, The Bad, And The Batshit Insane
The manga is officially over, and now we take the time to reflect on the godly awesomeness that is Eyeshield 21. Topics include character analysis, favorite arcs, and a crazy RP.
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Yaoi Fanfics
This is to start a discussion on what people would like to see written and encourage those who are writing stuff for Eyeshield 21!
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Do you hate Mamori so deeply you could write a whole topic about it? Or do you think she's God's Gift from heaven and the soul reason that you read Eyeshield 21 to start out with? Debate, debate, it all happens here!
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Favourite Pairings
This forum is for discussing anything pairing related, whether it is heterosexual or homosexual relationships. Created because there are other het pairings then the ones there are already forums for.
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Everyone who love Hirumamo join here! Everyone that support Hiruma Youichi and Anezaki Mamori's relationship, it could be friendship or love, but not enemy XD
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Why does Hiruma live at school?
Ya Ha! All of you Hiruma fans might already know that he lives at school, but do you know why? Come with any ideas you may have.
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Hiruma Love!
This is a place to converse on our favorite gun toting, demonic quarterback. Everything from the style of his hair, to his maniac grin, to his loyalty for his friends.
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The House Always Wins
Simply a discussion area for all to enjoy. My doors are open to questions, ideas, comments, and everything inbetween. But be warned that, like a casino, the rules are enforced. Keep in sutable for teens and please have fun.
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Ha Ha Kyodai Love!
Jyuumonji, Kuroki, or Togano! Open to any and all discussions or pairings with the yankii trio of Deimon.
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Hirumamo's type of relationship?
Would itreally be a relationship?Im allfor this pair, but I question whether it would work, what kind of relationship would they have?Id go for one with ALOT of sexual tension
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What happens if Hiruma gets kids?
If it happens... Who has any idea what they'll be like?
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What would it be like if someone interviewed the characters in Eyeshield 21? What would be their answers?
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Gaou Greatness
Yes we all hated him when he broke Hiruma's arm... but what about now in recent chapters? How cool has he been lately?
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A discussion of the shoujo blasphamy that I and company birthed. heaven or hell let's rock.
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AllStar Team
I would like all opinions you have about the perfect All-star team with every player you see in the series. Starters, back-ups, etc. Any position. Any explanation you want to make is fine
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Yaha! Eyshield 21 RP and Discussion Forum
Ya-Ha! It's been nearly ten years since the ending of Eyeshield 21, and American Football is more popular than ever! Come join your favorite team, mett your heroes, and have lots of fun RPing in this forum!
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Angel and Demon
apakah bisa seorang Demon menjalin hubungan dengan seorang Angel. tapi,jika memang sdh d takdirkan untk saling melengkapi. bagaimana cra yg dapt d lakukan untk menyatukan hubungan mereka? agar dapat menjadi sepasang kekasih yg sangat berbahagia..
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Story comments
Place to comment on the stories I have listed
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Forum francophone d'Eyeshild 21
Vous désespérez de trouver un forum qui parle d'Eyeshield 21 sur en français ? Ce forum est fait pour vous. Débattez de vos couples préférés, racontez vos coups de cœur, relevez un défi, vous trouverez de tout et n'importe quoi ici !
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