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Fairytail!- The Great Fairytail RolePlay (RP) -Retired-
Welcome to the kingdom of Fiora, Magnolia, where the great Fairytail guild resides.
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Fairy Tail Forever!
Years have passed since the previous generation of Mages defended the lands and kept the world at peace after the defeats and ends of Acnologia and Zeref. Now they have gotten older and have children of their own who are ready to take the place of their parents and continue to fight evil as it began to rise once more throughout the world again. Come and Create your Own OCs and join in the fun and adventure of the New Generation of Mages. *ACTIVE*
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Fairy Tail United
Welcome to the Fairy Tail guild! You can make new OCs and give them sad histories (Or happy ones!) You can make Mage Hunters, go on quests, make friends, and just have fun!
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Grandes Juegos Mágicos
¡Reviviendo cual Fenix! Grandes Juegos Mágicos regresa. Este foro es para hablar de Fairy Tail la obra de Hiro Mashima, pueden intercambiar opiniones, venir a platicar, participar en los retos o rolear en nuestro rol ¡Bienvenidos sean magos! • ¡Cumplimos un año! Gracias todos por hacer esto posible. Gremio del mes: Fairy Tail
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We Are Fairytail --RETIRED--
[Come one, come all! If you'd like to have a taste of Fairytail, then here's something for you!] After three years of fun (and troubles), We are Fairytail or WaFT has finally retired. Thank you to all those who have been a part of, who has shown interest in and who has visited We are Fairytail. Thank you all!
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Fairy Tail RP: Seekers of the One Magic
An RP of the Fairy Tail manga/anime. Join the adventures with the Mage guilds. Year X781. No canon guilds.
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Fairies of Fiore!
We have started a new forum called "Earthland Adventures" that we are also transferring and adapting our characters to! Players interested are welcomed to join us there
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Fairy Tail: The Most Flawless Guild In Fiore
The BEST Fairy Tail forum! Come join our forum - or should I say: our family, and you'll be able to do things you've always wanted! Ever wanted to go on a mission with Natsu? Now you can! Want to hang out in the guild hall with Lucy? Go ahead! The options are endless, and I can 100% guarantee you'll have a fun time! After you join, you'll never want to leave (what's sleep, am I right?), because we have a fun time in chat, and an awesome time doing missions! Dead.
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Fairy Tail Rp!
Join the fairy tail guild. Go on missions to save people from bad guys! Or do a low class mission either way will your character become S class! ACTIVE
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Fairy Tail West!
OPEN - Come join Fiore's greatest guild! Taking place at Fairy's Tail Western Branch, take up missions, explore, hang around, and have fun. Accepts OC's of all kind; during time-skip.
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Fairy Tail Awesomeness
Fairy Tail Guild is an awesome place, wizards unite as we step into the land of Fiore once again! OCs allowed, you can claim characters from the anime or manga, do not come here if you don't like spoilers.
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Fairy Tail: Our Generation
This is the next generation of wizards, everyone is older from Natsu's team and now it is time for the next generation to walk in their parent's footsteps. What will happen? Who knows. (not active)
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The Future
Set seventy years after the battle with Zeref. The main characters have all retired and are living out the rest of their lives in peace. But darkness still lives in the land and someone must answer the call to fight it. Will you rise to the challenge? What adventures await you? Who will you meet? All welcome.
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The World Of Fairy Tail
Welcome To Fairy Tail! The Best Guild In Fiore! Go create your own character or grab an OC and join us as we RP in the Fairy Tail world. Experienced and New RPers are welcomed alike.
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Fairy Tail: The After Tale
Closed. We have moved to Discord. Fairy Tail: Fall of Isghar Discord RP Server.
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Fiore Conquest
What happens when dark wizards, mage hunters, and betrayers all try to make your world come crashing down? PRIVATE FORUM. Invites Only.
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Earthland Adventures :3
The year is X835, a new dawn for Fairy Tail full of new adventures and characters! Start as either Academy students earning their Wizard license (our focus right now) or as full fledged Mages in any Guild! - We are a more casual paced friendly forum for players who aren't always in a rush, but we have our moments and a lot of fun!
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Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust is the newest magical guild! ...Yes, roleplay here... and beat up Fairy Tail! Lawl nope, don't do that, it's not very nice. However, you can beat up random dark guilds!
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Fairy Tail! Role Play!
Come Role play in the world of Fairy Tail! Create your own character and write a new tale, or be canon character and follow an already writen one! Come and join us where dreams come true!
English - Topics: 21 - Posts: 12,446 - Since: 10-11-13 - Admin: Kami Slyfer
Private Fairy Tail Roleplay!
*Private Fairy Tail Forum, not accepting anyone I did no invite. You can ask but you never stay so save yourself the trouble. .-.
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The Closed Fairy Tail Writing Challenges!
The title says it all. I shall be hosting a contest where each week you get a prompt! No more slots. Come chat with us. pwease? Yeah, you just died of cuteness. #closed.
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Fairy Tail RP Reloaded: Remember The Name
There's a strong connection between the mages that makes the guild unlike any other. This could also prove to be a problem with the Magic Council. But who cares! They have strong hearts and explosive willpower. This is what you'll remember of this guild - the guild of Fairy Tail! ((Update: THIS FORUM IS NOW CLOSED, BUT HAS BEEN REBOOTED BY ADMIN.))
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Fairy Tail role play!
Role play as your favorite characters from Fairy Tail. Anyone can join .Oc's are welcome!
English - Topics: 14 - Posts: 9,681 - Since: 07-06-13 - Admin: x0xalexis8
Private RP. Those who know me are welcome to drop by. Those invited can become members. If you don't know me, stay out.
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FairyTail Rp and Chat
Create your character and join the fun or you can be one of the main characters! Please Join! XD
English - Topics: 24 - Posts: 8,558 - Since: 12-29-11 - Admin: Dayfeathers
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