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Fairy Tail United
Welcome to the Fairy Tail guild! You can make new OCs and give them sad histories (Or happy ones!) You can make Mage Hunters, go on quests, make friends, and just have fun!
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Fairy Tail RP: Seekers of the One Magic
An RP of the Fairy Tail manga/anime. Join the adventures with the Mage guilds. Set in the year X780. No canon characters.
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Fairies of Fiore! :3
""New start!"" Year X845, a new dawn for Fairy Tail full of new adventures and characters! - We are a more casual paced friendly forum for players who aren't always in a rush, but we have our moments and a lot of fun (canon main character claims still available) *!ACTIVE!*
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Fairy Tail: The Most Flawless Guild In Fiore
The BEST Fairy Tail forum! Come join our forum - or should I say: our family, and you'll be able to do things you've always wanted! Ever wanted to go on a mission with Natsu? Now you can! Want to hang out in the guild hall with Lucy? Go ahead! The options are endless, and I can 100% guarantee you'll have a fun time! After you join, you'll never want to leave (what's sleep, am I right?), because we have a fun time in chat, and an awesome time doing missions! Dead.
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Fairy Tail West!
OPEN - Come join Fiore's greatest guild! Taking place at Fairy's Tail Western Branch, take up missions, explore, hang around, and have fun. Accepts OC's of all kind; during time-skip.
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Fairy Tail Awesomeness
Fairy Tail Guild is an awesome place, wizards unite as we step into the land of Fiore once again! OCs allowed, you can claim characters from the anime or manga, do not come here if you don't like spoilers.
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Fairy Tail: Our Generation
This is the next generation of wizards, everyone is older from Natsu's team and now it is time for the next generation to walk in their parent's footsteps. What will happen? Who knows. (not active)
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The Future
Set seventy years after the battle with Zeref. The main characters have all retired and are living out the rest of their lives in peace. But darkness still lives in the land and someone must answer the call to fight it. Will you rise to the challenge? What adventures await you? Who will you meet? All welcome.
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The World Of Fairy Tail
Welcome To Fairy Tail! The Best Guild In Fiore! Go create your own character or grab an OC and join us as we RP in the Fairy Tail world. Experienced and New RPers are welcomed alike.
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Fairy Tail! Role Play!
Come Role play in the world of Fairy Tail! Create your own character and write a new tale, or be canon character and follow an already writen one! Come and join us where dreams come true!
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Private Fairy Tail Roleplay!
*Private Fairy Tail Forum, not accepting anyone I did no invite. You can ask but you never stay so save yourself the trouble. .-.
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Fairy Tail RP Reloaded: Remember The Name
There's a strong connection between the mages that makes the guild unlike any other. This could also prove to be a problem with the Magic Council. But who cares! They have strong hearts and explosive willpower. This is what you'll remember of this guild - the guild of Fairy Tail! ((Update: THIS FORUM IS NOW CLOSED, BUT HAS BEEN REBOOTED BY ADMIN.))
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Private RP. Those who know me are welcome to drop by. Those invited can become members. If you don't know me, stay out.
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Fiore Conquest
What happens when dark wizards, mage hunters, and betrayers all try to make your world come crashing down? PRIVATE FORUM. Invites Only.
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Fairy Tail: The After Tale
The year's X812, 20 years since Zeref and Acnologia were defeated by the combined efforts of Fairy Tail and Fiore's guilds. Even though Earthland has been relatively in peace it does not mean darkness is gone. Darkness only retreats but it is never defeated. It gets stronger when light shines the brightest. This time it will be up to the new mages to defend Earthland. Join the forum! Create your own wizard, demon, or the like! Let your imagination run wild! NEW & ACTIVE!
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The Fairy's Roleplay
Welcome to Fairy Tail! This RP is set at no certain time in the manga/anime (though we have a few arcs planned out). OC and Cannon available, new and old RPers are very much welcome! ACTIVE
English - Topics: 37 - Posts: 6,283 - Since: 01-23-14 - Admin: Fen'Harellan
Fantasy Star
An unlimited fairy tail RP. This RP takes place in the world of Earthland and follows the guild called 'Fantasy Star'.
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Fairy Tail: Rise Of Evil (Original New Rpg)
When Fairy Tail is attacked by a new Dark Guild which is rising up in the Baram Alliance,Fairy Tail must resort to recruiting new members. (Create an OC or play as an existing FT member) Currently looking for recruitment.
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Life of a Wizard
In the kingdom of Fiore, there are guilds all over. Whether it is a guild of good wizards like Fairy Tail, or a guild of evil wizards. Or perhaps there are wizards who are independent. What kind of wizard are you?
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 4,895 - Since: 03-16-15 - Admin: uzai sagi
Fairy Tail Guardians! (Active)
Come, join the world of FairyTail as you play as your own character or a Canon! We need you, to join us so we can defeat the evil that is rising once again!
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Fairy Tail: The Revival
x954; 163 years after Fairy Tail reigned the strongest guild in Fiore, and only 130 after Classic Fairy Tail disbanded, due to an illegal action done by the Guild Master at the time. When the guild is rebuilt, it's revival was amazing. Mages rush to the new rising Guild, determined to bring the Guild back up to it's former glory. Little do they know, an unknown force is in the works. (IS ACTIVE, A BIT SLOW DUE TO SCHOOL/TIME ZONES)
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Tails of the Fairies
A Fairy Tail role playing forum. Come join! ...and just rp!
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 1,238 - Since: 04-21-14 - Admin: ShitanePaiko
Falling Down A Portal Into The World Of Fairy Tail
You were watching Fairy Tail, when all of a sudden, you fell into a black space into the world of Fairy Tail. Now to defend yourselves from any harm, you all must join forces to create a guild unlike any other. OC's needed greatly!
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fairy tail rp
a fairy tail tp
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Fairy Tail RP- The Next Generation
The Next Generation of Fairy Tail Wizards are ready to start their adventures, one by one. However, more challenges than ever will come at them. Are they ready for the Challenge? (Accepting members of all experience levels! Fell free to ask questions)
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 935 - Since: 09-04-14 - Admin: MidniteGamer
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