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The magical land of Fiore
In a land far far away lies the kingdom of Fiore. In the land called Fiore there are multiple guilds, some dark, and some good. Many of these guilds are strong, especially guilds like blue Pegasus, saber tooth, phantom, but there is one guild, that soars high above all the rest. This guild's name is the one and only "Fairytail". The only problem with Fiore, is that someone seeks to destroy it... (ongoing. no longer accepting OC's.)
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Fairy Tail RP: Seekers of the One Magic
An RP of the Fairy Tail manga/anime. Join the adventures with the Mage guilds. Set in the year X780. No canon characters.
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Fairy Tail: Our Generation
This is the next generation of wizards, everyone is older from Natsu's team and now it is time for the next generation to walk in their parent's footsteps. What will happen? Who knows. (ACTIVE)
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Fairy Tail West!
OPEN - Come join Fiore's greatest guild! Taking place at Fairy's Tail Western Branch, take up missions, explore, hang around, and have fun. Accepts OC's of all kind; during time-skip.
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Fairy Tail: The Most Flawless Guild In Fiore
Welcome to Fairy Tail: The Most Flawless Guild In Fiore! Join us for fun RP's, cool OC's, and awesome canons! -Active-
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Fantastic Fairy Tail rp
In a land far far away lies the kingdom of Fiore. In the land called Fiore there are multiple guilds, some dark, and some good. Many of these guilds are strong, but there is one guild, that soars high above all the rest. This guild's name is the one and only "Fairytail" So do fairies have tails? Do Fairies even exist? An Adventure waiting inside. Ocs welcomed, *NEW* come join today. *ALIVE*
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Fairy Tail! Role Play!
Come Role play in the world of Fairy Tail! Create your own character and write a new tale, or be canon character and follow an already writen one! Come and join us where dreams come true!
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Fairy Tail RP Reloaded: Remember The Name
There's a strong connection between the mages that makes the guild unlike any other. This could also prove to be a problem with the Magic Council. But who cares! They have strong hearts and explosive willpower. This is what you'll remember of this guild - the guild of Fairy Tail! ((Update: THIS FORUM IS NOW CLOSED, BUT HAS BEEN REBOOTED BY ADMIN.))
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Fairy Tail RP
Welcome to the Fairy Tail RP. A place where those who either love to RP or love Fairy Tail can come together to have fun and discuss one of the best anime ever. All those who are welcome can join.
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Private Fairy Tail Roleplay!
*Private Fairy Tail Forum, not accepting anyone I did no invite. You can ask but you never stay so save yourself the trouble. .-.
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The Fairy's Roleplay
Welcome to Fairy Tail! This RP is set at no certain time in the manga/anime. OC and Cannon available, new and old RPers are very much welcome!
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Fantasy Star
An unlimited fairy tail RP. This RP takes place in the world of Earthland and follows the guild called 'Fantasy Star'.
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Fairies of the West
Sequel to Fairy Tail West! Continuing the journeys as the Western Branch of Fairy Tail now it's own proud Guild referred to as Fairy West. Come and find your adventure here! Set right before the end of the 7 year time skip
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Fairy Tail: Rise Of Evil (Original New Rpg)
When Fairy Tail is attacked by a new Dark Guild which is rising up in the Baram Alliance,Fairy Tail must resort to recruiting new members. (Create an OC or play as an existing FT member) Currently looking for recruitment.
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Private RP. Stay out. Invite only.
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Tails of the Fairies
A Fairy Tail role playing forum. Come join! ...and just rp!
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Falling Down A Portal Into The World Of Fairy Tail
You were watching Fairy Tail, when all of a sudden, you fell into a black space into the world of Fairy Tail. Now to defend yourselves from any harm, you all must join forces to create a guild unlike any other. OC's needed greatly!
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fairy tail rp
a fairy tail tp
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Fairy Tail RP- The Next Generation
The Next Generation of Fairy Tail Wizards are ready to start their adventures, one by one. However, more challenges than ever will come at them. Are they ready for the Challenge? (Accepting members of all experience levels! Fell free to ask questions)
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Fairy Tail meets RWBY
Something amazing, interesting and definitely unexpected happens making the the world of Remnant merges with earth land or to be more precious the country of Fiore, how will the hunters and huntress deal with this new ability called magic and how will the mage's deal with these monsters of darkness known as Grimm, well we'll just have to see now won't we.
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Fairy Tail Guild
Welcome to Fairy Tail Guild. Each member is somewhat skilled in magic, and has there own unique quirk to them. Rent obsessed blondes, dragon boys, talking cats, stripping ice mages, and scary armored red heads, anyone's welcome!
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Fairy tail lovers unite
I need RP buddies so come join me please! Oh and Laxus is mine so :D just submit an OC in getting started and join in the other groups!
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Fairy Tail Chronicles Roleplay!
Come in and join the Fairy Tail Chronicles! Make your own character and guild while diving into the country of Fiore! The stage is set in X791 three weeks before the Grand Magic Games. Yep thats right! Grand Magic Games! :D Reserve a cannon character or create your own OC! I hope a lot of people join this roleplay so we can make it a lot of fun!
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Nexus Guilds RP: Guilds of Earthland
The world of Fairy Tail, but with no canon characters or guilds. Design your own characters, guilds, and magic. Even design your own adventure!
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Island of Fiore
On the island part of Fiore people come together in guilds to find work, friends, and adventure. Join in and start your own adventure! All OC characters and guilds.
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