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Zero No Tsukaima Remake
The remake of a forum that was previously deleted.
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Familiar of Zero Fanfiction Story Ideas & Requests
this is is a forum for fanficion authors to come to for ideas about a plot line elements or other ideas for stories & users to make requests for stories with/based around certain elements or OCs from authors who come for ideas
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Candidates as Louise's familiar
Yes, replacing the main character Saito is a taboo, but I don't care. This forum is for anyone who can bring up and discuss a character who seems worthy enough as Louise the Zero's familiar.
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Discuss crossover ideas that are creative here!
Can we actually get some fanfic ideas that aren't about summoning insert name here into Zero no Tsukaima? Can we actually do something different than the original storyline? Come here to complain about ZnT, or discuss fanfic ideas.
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The Red Revolution Think Tank
Hi guys. I am the author of the recently story "The Red Revolution" (where Che Guevara is thrown into Halgekania) and I am looking for inspiration. If you want to contribute a little bit to the story join this Think tank :) and give me your ideas and wishes for the future plot and chapters. Hope to see a few inputs :)
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Saito x Anyone Other Than Louise Pairings
I think Saito deserves someone better than Louise, so here is a forum dedicated to Non-Louise x Saito pairings.
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rabbit hole
where everyone can share their plot bunnies or issue challenges for Familiar of zero.
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ok i'm here with an idea so now what?
uh hi? i'm new and i have one crossover story idea and not enough experience so uh what do i do now? yeah i know how to post this but...what do i do now? by the way, if this is in the wrong area then oops!
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The Gandalfr and the Mystes of the Reiji Maigo
We all know that Louise of Zero no Tsukaima and Shana of Shakugan no Shana are virtually the same, while Yuji and Saito are the polar opposites of each other. But what if Yuji had become Louise's Familiar and Saito became the Mystes of the Reiji Maigo?
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A Familiar Challenge
This is a place to put up challenges for authors to complete.
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The Inquisitor and the Zero - UpdatesSuggestions
A forum to keep everyone in the know about the story as well as a place to leave some suggestions on what you'd like to see in the story. The suggestions will be considered but the power of "veto" does still rest with the writer.
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quien preferis para saito?
Es para que discutan o digan que mina preferirian con saito
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Familiar of Zero Story Ideas
A few ideas of that I want opinions on for crossovers or original story lines for the Familiar of Zero.
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Bloodmasque of Zero
A crossover of Familiar of Zero and the new Square Enix IOS title Bloodmasque
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Silva's Diary - Zero no Tsukaima
Any discussion regarding Silva's Diary - Zero no Tsukaima.
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familar of zero: the saiayn
after the events of dbs goku and vegeta were training as always but then he us summoned by a lilt girl with pink hair. will this world be able to handle a saiyan or will they be overwhelmed
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