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Fate Great Defiance
"I've had it with this! The Greater and Lower Grails always having all the attention! Well, that Sakura girl isn't at fault, but that arrogant and muddy Greater Grail is too much to tolerate! And I feel bad for those heroes and humans who wanted their wishes granted this badly...what to do? Hmm, I know! I'll host it this time! And it'll have more participants and make sure it'll be more fun than the others could ever do then in the past! Oh it'll be so much fu-oh? You're wondering who I am? Well, I'm...
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Fate: Ego
The Holy Grail, only the strongest magus' got to grab it, If so, what is true strength and true weakness? -Let there be light to you.
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Fate: Megami Tensei
We are the survivors of the War, a War that put an end to civilization. Hiding in the Tower of Shinjuku Babel, a cozy and friendly home we ourselves has constructed, we continued our lives there...until the 3 Obelisks appeared around the Babel. They have emerged once more, those demons... (SMT-style Fate. Throw away your knowledge of the Holy Grail, this will be an entirely new system)
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Fate Great War
Taken by the Imperial Army under the Order's of Emperor Hirohito, the Fuyuki Grail Wars came to an end after the third. The third was a failure. Now, almost a hundred and thirty years later, the Great Grail has become active once again. This time though, it will be in Kyoto, Japan. The call has been sent out. How far will you go for victory?
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Fate: Second Grail War
Exactly what the title says. RP as either a servant or a Magus in the 1860s, in a quest to win the Holy Grail! Will you be part of one of the 3 Magi Families, a magi outsider, a random schmuck like Shirou or Ryuunoske? Or will you be a servant, dedicated to win the Holy Grail at all costs?
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Fate Stay Night RP
Welcome to the Fate/Stay RP! Where anything can happen and anyone can show up! I am still working out a story for this RP, so anyone with an idea is welcome to pitch it to me. This place will be a bit lax on the canon rules of the holy grail war, meaning I will be accepting both canon and OC servants and masters. All are welcome!
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Years after the events of Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, a previously unknown Holy Grail has made its presence known, one whose power dwarfs the powers of even the Greater Grail. Now, to determine the one worthy of attaining this Grail's power, countless Masters are being selected from around the world to summon their Servants and fight a bloody war. Who will win?
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Fate: Unfolded Enigma
After a long absence of the Grail Wars, the Grail has once again appeared, this time in an unexpected location. As per the usual, Masters have come forth to summons their Servants to fight for the Omnipotent Wish Granter. However, why did the Grail appear here? In this city of mystery, there is much to be learned.
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Fate: Erudite Descent
To claim this city, to save this city, to grasp that wish you so desperately chase after. We wish you the best of luck, whatever your goal may be. Welcome to the First Holy Grail War for the 727th Holy Grail.
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Fate RP
The year is 2030. A Holy grail has started a war in Europe, but something is off. Is this the true grail?
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FateStay The Mad Grail
The Holy Grail, an artifact of unmeasurable power. For generations it has been fought over, the fates of all at stake. Now the creation of a second Grail, a tale of ambition of loss and of heroes, the paths of destiny accelerate towards an unknown horizon in what is perhaps the final grail war.
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An alternate fate awaits those who join free of EMIYA and the rest. Come summon your servant, make your pacts, and join the death match against the other six masters. Take the grail and have your wish be made a reality. Or ya know, just have some fun with a smoking hot servant, while you fend off attackers. Or dabble in magic as you avoid the war entirely to work on research. Really I the creator of this reality just don't care so long as you make my creation an amusing world.
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Fate Stay Night Role Play
Another holy grail war starts in a different universe and its up to you to win it. Summon your hero... meet your master... and we will see who has what it takes to win this war.
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Fate (Shenanigans sometimes included) REBORN!
A new War is gonna happen, 7 masters and servants, all fighting for the grail, come join us cause we are really in need of players...lol, Also, this forum is everything Fate related, FGO is also included!
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Fate: False Equivalence
The Angelica Cage is awake. Wizards of the Earth, burn up beautifully in pursuit of your ideals.
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Private- FateStayBlue
bamafelix's fate stay blue team only.
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The Brotastic Forum
Come and talk about stuff like what's new in the Nasuverse or get updated on the progress of my latest chapter.
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Heroes Abound
Here you can discuss story ideas, heroes you'd like to see in Fate/Stay Night, and even Roleplay!
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I'm sick of Shirou and Saber pairings!
This is a forum to discuss other pairings outside of the over used ShirouxSaber. While I have nothing against Saber there are just too many pairings with her in them.
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Fate Revenant Ultimate Guide
The Ultimate Guide for the Fate/Revenant Duology, containing everything from Character Profiles to a story guide. Discussion is welcome and encouraged, though I would ask you to please keep it confined to areas outside of the guide itself - like the "Discussion" topic. Spoilers are rampant.
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FateGrand Order : Roleplay
I've been a huge fan of the Fate anime series, doing tons of research to eventually write my own story on it. I want to do some roleplaying with other fans, to see if I understand the series, as well as to have fun with other fans. Come and join me, as we explore Chaldea, or any other the singularities
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Fate Stay Night and the horrors of power levels!
This forums purpose has to change! From here on out, you can discuss power levels of Typemoon here. You can discuss about Fate Stay Night, the overall world of Type Moon, and even discuss about power levels in comparison to Type Moon.So come on over and say what you want!
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Shikyo's Neighborhood
a place to debate and discuss ideas...
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Gran guerra del grial de Fandom
Hola publico, habla Toaneo07, este es un foro que trata sobre el futuro Proyecto, del mismo nombre del foro, sobre autores de fanfiction dar sus propios Servants escogidos para luchar en una gran guerra del grial de dos Bandos.
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Which do you preffer? Rin or Saber and why?
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