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Fate: Ego
The Holy Grail, only the strongest magus' got to grab it, If so, what is true strength and true weakness? -Let there be light to you.
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Fate: Unfolded Enigma
After a long absence of the Grail Wars, the Grail has once again appeared, this time in an unexpected location. As per the usual, Masters have come forth to summons their Servants to fight for the Omnipotent Wish Granter. However, why did the Grail appear here? In this city of mystery, there is much to be learned.
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Private- FateStayBlue
bamafelix's fate stay blue team only.
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The Brotastic Forum
Come and talk about stuff like what's new in the Nasuverse or get updated on the progress of my latest chapter.
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Heroes Abound
Here you can discuss story ideas, heroes you'd like to see in Fate/Stay Night, and even Roleplay!
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Fate Revenant Ultimate Guide
The Ultimate Guide for the Fate/Revenant Duology, containing everything from Character Profiles to a story guide. Discussion is welcome and encouraged, though I would ask you to please keep it confined to areas outside of the guide itself - like the "Discussion" topic. Spoilers are rampant.
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I'm sick of Shirou and Saber pairings!
This is a forum to discuss other pairings outside of the over used ShirouxSaber. While I have nothing against Saber there are just too many pairings with her in them.
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Fate Stay Night and the horrors of power levels!
This forums purpose has to change! From here on out, you can discuss power levels of Typemoon here. You can discuss about Fate Stay Night, the overall world of Type Moon, and even discuss about power levels in comparison to Type Moon.So come on over and say what you want!
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High School Grail Wars Team
I'm starting up a team to help me continue writing the story known as High School Grail Wars: The Nobody & The Knight. I could use any and all ideas. I'm accepting members.
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Which do you preffer? Rin or Saber and why?
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The Throne of Heroes
What heroes might be found in the Throne of Heroes? Are all of them from Gaia? Come here to discuss possible Heroic Spirits for the Fate/Stay Night saga.
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OC Ideas
Place all your ideas for FateStay Night OCs here, they can be from Magi to Servants!
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Useful Information for FateStay Night authors
This is a resource and place for authors of Fate/Stay Night fanfics to get valuable info and share insight into the quite confusing and convoluted world that it F/SN takes place in.
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Hope for your participation. - All topics you would hope for this pairing are all here!
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A fanfiction contest by a poor, poor guy
Interested in a fanfic contest?
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Fate SĆ³lmyrkvi
Roleplay. A original Fate/Stay Night-derived story with new characters and a different setting.
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Unlimited Harem Works
Just a nice little forum for Unlimited Harem Works's community!
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FateStay Night and Related Works Omakes
Omakes or snippets too small to make a story.
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Unlimited Fate Works - The Fate Stay Night Fanfiction Challenge forum
A forum made to provide challenges for Fate/Stay Night fanfiction writers who need inspiration, a cure for writers block or just want a challenge! Have fun and follow the rules of the forum!
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possible to have a femshirou x Gilgamesh
I was curious if anyone else has wondered about this pairing? It doesn't even have to be about love. I just want to see more stories with femshirou and thought it would be cool to see how she would react with Gilgamesh. Ive only seen this lightly like in the story from ElvenQueen18 but would love to see more of these two characters interacting. even if it was them fighting one another it would be interesting. sorry if this description seems to be rambling I just wanted to ask if this is possible is all.
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Princess Lover crossover suggestion
Princess lover and Fate Stay night crossover suggestion
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FateEXTRA : Tag Team Warfare
Year 2032. The Moon Cell. The War of the Holy Grail starts once more. Ready your Servants, gather information! It's time for War! * Fate/ RP set in the EXTRA verse.*
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Disparity of Fate
A place for you all to tell me how bad my story is, where I can actually RESPOND PUBLICALLY and make a fool of myself! Woo!
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FateLoli : Illya Prisma
With Fate/Kaleid Liner Illya Prisma released, The Fanfiction of Illyasviel Von EInzbern as Mahou Shoujo will appeared one after another. Now, You can share any idea, fanfiction, fate/Kaleid Liner Illya Prisma Discussion (Both Manga and Anime) and possible Crossover. Enjoy your stay in this forum :3
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Of Knights and Kings
The gathering of history's mightiest heroic spirits starts here!
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