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Fate: Ego
The Holy Grail, only the strongest magus' got to grab it, If so, what is true strength and true weakness? -Let there be light to you.
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Fate: Unfolded Enigma
After a long absence of the Grail Wars, the Grail has once again appeared, this time in an unexpected location. As per the usual, Masters have come forth to summons their Servants to fight for the Omnipotent Wish Granter. However, why did the Grail appear here? In this city of mystery, there is much to be learned.
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Fate:Endless Illusion
After the end of the Fifth Grail War, they had thought they had dismantled the Grail and left behind a horrid chapter in their lives. But They underestimated the desire of humanity, and in that arrogance, the grail has once again taken root in Fuyuki City. It would not be undone so easily, after all, as long as humanity exists there will be wishes. And as long as those wishes exist, there will be something to push them over the edge in their quest to obtain them.
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Fate:Stay Night RP
Seven masters. Seven servants. Only one servant and one master will remain to obtain their wish. The Holy Grail invites all mages willing to test their skill, dexterity, and many other attributes in a glorious battle royale. Will you succeed in gaining one wish for the Holy Grail? Or will you simply die like so many others? Fight to prove your worth in this deadly battle donned the name of; The Holy Grail War. (Under construction!)
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