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TokiyaFuuko Fanclub Forum!
Weeell, just a forum to discuss our favourite couples, mainly ToFuu. However, all other shippers are invited to join if you wanna chat about your fav pairing... Have fun!
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ToFuu Doujins
To all ToFuu fans! This is the place where we work on our doujin for the loveliest couple in Flame of Recca. Join if you wish...we could use the help of more people.
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Kurei and Recca's flame
they're brother's so what? Every one is just to shy to admit that there is a 'flame goin one between them.' even if i stand alone i don't care i love this pairing!
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Flame of Recca Official Talk Place
Come here if you are in the mood to talk about Flame of Recca. From fics, pairings, character questions, etc, it's all here !
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Who is the best ToFuu fanfic writer?
Eveyone can drop by here and send their opinions... mwah! XOXOX
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ToFuu or ToMi?
Hi! Honestly...I'm a ToFuu LOVER...but i can see that there are MORE AND MORE ToMi pairings...so i'm kinda...down?...I just want to know! Dont worry...it's jusr a question and it's NOT personal. Thanks! fingers crossed
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Love is Blind
For anyone who is interested in Flame of Recca Yaoi or Shounenai pairings. Doesn't matter what pairing as long as it is Yaoi or Shounenai.
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Who do you think is the best new author for FoR?
There are a lot of new authors for FoR nowadays.I'm just wondering who you fellas think is the next best author.
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