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Iwatobi swim Club
Un espacio dedicado para los todos los fans de Free! Para conocernos, intercambiar opiniones, compartir gustos y disfrutar libremente. Únete y ven a nadar con nosotros.
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Soulmate AU
A world where you are fated to be with someone. Your soulmate is out there somewhere and all you need to do is live your life until you stumble upon them. Make sure you read the rules carefully! You can not decide anything on your own, so you might not want to join. CCs from the Naruto world, SNK world and Free! world are allowed, as are OCs. RP topics will be made once people are soulmated.
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Free! RP
A cannon and oc rp: everyone is welcome.
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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Roleplay
Come join the fun in the Iwatobi Swim club! Become a member, or even start up your own swim club. OC's and Canons accepted, rated M forum for a reason.
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BL Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Roleplay
(no regrets) Open to OCXCanon/OCXOC, please!
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Free! Iwatobi Couples Roleplay Forum
Have a Free! Iwatobi ship you love to roleplay? Have a ship you cam never seem to find anyone else to roleplay with? Well look no further than this forum to do that! Any pairing, any age, any rating is allowed, so find a partner and roleplay away!
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Rp for all
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Nage libre
Un petit coin pour parler de Free! entre francophones ! Discuter de vos pairings préférés, de vos théories ou encore vous lancer des défis d'écriture que ce soit pour des fics ou des drabbles, par exemple :)
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The World of the Iwatobi Suiei Gods
This is an overall forum of my collection of Free! Iwatobi Suiei Gods AU Saga. Various sub-topics will be posted and shared along with introductions and other wonderful things about both canon!Free and Suiei Gods!Free. Even if you have never read, this forum is definitely not one to miss out!
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Free! Iwatobi Season 2 Predictions
Make your predictions for season 2 of free! I have my own which i will post later in the future but... whats yours?
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Makoharu Appreciation and Headcannons
Just a place for people looking to talk about their love of this glorious ship and share headcannons
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Los que odiamos a Yazaki Aki
Comunidad dedicada a aquellos que desean profesar su odio y resentimiento a la principal antagonista de mi historia "Somos hermanos".
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Don't Hide Your Pain,Tell Me
(Y/n) transferred to Iwatobi Elementary School after her parents needed to travel for work.She made new friends in school.(Y/n) felt she was really happy at school instead of home.To her, home was boring.Mom and dad weren't there.She didn't have siblings and other families.She wasn't that closed with her parents. But things started to change her life as she started to move on.
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Enamorate de mi (NagiRei) (Omegaverse)
Hazuki Nagisa es un Alpha con la característica de poder percibir el celo de un omega antes de que este llegue y no ser afectado por las feromonas que esta emite. El pequeño rubio se enamoro a primera vista del Omega Ryugazaki Rei, pero, él no esta interesado en formar una relación amorosa. Aun así no puede evitar sentir una atracción por pequeño rubio. Omegaverse
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Free! on vaca
When the 2 swim clubs go on a training vacation to austalia. their vacation takes an unexpected turn when they meet an old friend of Rin. They see a completely different side of Rin, what is their relationship and how will his teammates and friend react on her. Rin x backpacking girl
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