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The Outsiders
The Outsiders live seperated from the Juunishi... even though they're connected to them. But how can the abandoned trust their masters? Especially when one by one different Ibunshi and Juunishi are dissapearing... -this is a roleplay/ all can join-
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Fruits Basket New Generation RP!
My first Furuba Fourm. OCs are welcome!
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Fruits Basket RP
Recently restarted-12/6/12! Most canons available and OCs still welcome! A forum for you to RP as your favorite Chinese Zodiac!
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Yin and Yang (Fruits Basket RP)
Invite only.
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Fruits Basket RP
If you're a Fruits Basket fan, then you'll LOVE this role play forum! Responses are so frequent, it's not even funny!
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The Curse Is Back? RPG
This takes place after all the Sohma's have kids. I really would enjoy if you used swearing, just cause it make it better. Try not to be too graphic though.
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Fruits Basket RP: More than Meets the Eye
The zodiac curse is back and with a vengeance! But this time, it's affected new people... and they're not Sohmas. The phenomenon is completely unexplainable. The cursed ones however, are intent on finding out. Restarted, zodiac spots are once again open. OC RP
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Intelligent conversations
I love Fruits Basket. You love Fruits Basket. Come join me in here and we can pair everyone off, debate about characters, and put forth challenges and ideas for new fanfiction we'd like to see... But can't write. Tanoshinde kudasai! Please enjoy!
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The Banquet: A Fruits Basket RP
Yay! A Fruits Basket RP! Okay, OCs only please. Original Zodiac with new characters! :D
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Fruity Ouran RP BABY!
The Sohma family has to deal with lot. What is going to happen to them next? Going to a new private school thats what! Host club and fruit baskets? oh dear...lol
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Fruits basket rp
i made this since there dont seem to be so many active RPs these days. lets try to keep it canon pairings
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Fruits Basket Hotties!
Let's talk about our favorite characters from Fruits Basket! Does not have to be only guys. Feel free to post new threads talking about diff characters.
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The Cursed: A Fruits Basket Role Play
There are people out there, like the Sohmas, who share a special curse. Stricken from records long ago, now they begin to find their way back meeting- not only the Sohmas- but others like them! Come and play as canon characters or your own.
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Fruits basket
Rp for all
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Fruits Basket Rp
Come and Rp as your fav canons and your ocs.
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Furuba Pairing Paradise
Come here to discuss what fluff you've been contemplating lately! Story ideas, recommendations, and random chat about you're fav and least fav pairings.
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Fruits Basket Guys!
Who's the hottest guy in Fruits Basket? Vote on who you like and then we'll see who the winner is after we get enough people to vote.
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A Fruits Basket RP!
Here is a forum where you can rp your favorite canon character or create an oc for fruits basket! I hope you enjoy. I've seen a lot of dead ones and i want to make one my own so it won't die, hopefully !
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Rant on about kyo! and how hot he is of course!
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Fruits Basket RP!
Please, I'm sorry... But no canon characters! This is in the future, and the NEW zodiac has started! . NO SPOILERS, I haven't finished the series yet, please! But yeah... Please enjoy!
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The Next Generation of Fruit Baskets
All the Character's from the anime have grown-up into adults.Here is a roleplay where you can roleplay as their kids which you make or normal everyday beings who aren't cursed
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Should there be a new anime series for Furuba?
Well, I was thinking that the anime version of Fruits Basket didn't really have enough episodes and that there should be another series...Does anyone agree?
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The Celtic Zodiacs
The Sohmas aren't the only family with a curse. The MacDermot family has been cursed with the forms of the Celtic zodiac. Private RP, message to join.
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Fruit Basket Roleplay
Welcome! Join and make an oc or play as a canon or do both! I noticed there weren't many too active rps and so, I made one! I allow all animals! Come make an oc before your favorite animal is already been chosen. Don't worry only our ocs bite! :3
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Tohru Debates
Debates about Tohru!
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