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Fruits Basket RP
Recently restarted-12/6/12! Most canons available and OCs still welcome! A forum for you to RP as your favorite Chinese Zodiac!
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Yin and Yang (Fruits Basket RP)
Invite only.
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Fruits Basket RP
If you're a Fruits Basket fan, then you'll LOVE this role play forum! Responses are so frequent, it's not even funny!
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Fruits Basket RP
This is an Anime about RPG with all the Fruits baskets charters, the Sohma family has a curse that makes them turn into animals if hugged by the opposite gender, Of course they have to keep it all a secret from humans because they would be cast out and if humans do find out they might erase the memory of them and the memory of anyone else they have told. However if you become close to them or something they may let you keep your memory.
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Fruits Basket RP: More than Meets the Eye
The zodiac curse is back and with a vengeance! But this time, it's affected new people... and they're not Sohmas. The phenomenon is completely unexplainable. The cursed ones however, are intent on finding out. Restarted, zodiac spots are once again open. OC RP
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Fruits basket
Rp for all
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A Fruits Basket RP!
Here is a forum where you can rp your favorite canon character or create an oc for fruits basket! I hope you enjoy. I've seen a lot of dead ones and i want to make one my own so it won't die, hopefully !
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The Curse Is Back? RPG (NEW FORUM)
This takes place after all the Sohma's have kids. I would like to keep this PG 13, if you want to go on, fade to black or PM the other person. I have officially reopened this and the slate is practically clean for the animals. Please, join.
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Fruits Basket
Welcome to the Fruits Basket roleplay/RPG forum! The curse is still under way, and no one has found it out just yet. Canon characters and original characters are still allowed, and everyone is welcome! Be sure to follow the rules and regulations, and have fun playing with everyone!
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Fruits Basket
Under progress.
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Fruits Basket: New Cursed Family in Play
Being edited.
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