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Here wwwwwe go
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Full Metal Panic Roleplay
The world is divided between east and west as the Cold War rages on into 1998. Humanoid mecha known as Arm Slaves dominate the battlefield as two organizations, Mithril and Amalgam, battle in secret for control. Join a Full Metal Panic roleplay with an AU element. (A literate RP seeking players.)
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Full metal panic!
A place where you can talk about the stories and help out writers who are trying to come up with ideas for their stories.
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Steel vs Silver: A New World Order
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Sword and Shield Forums
Discussion about the Sword and Shield fan fiction series. Includes Role-playing.
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Should the series continue! Relationships?
Sousuke & Kaname
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Full Metal Panic Fans
For everything and anything regarding Full Metal Panic. Warnings. ANY kind of hurtfull or unconstructive criticisms will be reported and delt with.
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Full Metal Forum!
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Questions That Shall Be Answered About FMP!
I need to Know what YOU think about this: Who/Which Character do you think is the hottest In Anime/Manga/Novel Terms? I just want to see where this will go. My personal favorite would have to be Sousuke. Ah, Yes. Another Question: Which PAIRING is the c
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Full Metal Panic
I just finished watching the last season that came out and thought it would be a great idea to make a forum so everyone can talk about it!
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