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Fushigiboshi no Futago HimeGyu!
A forum for Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime/Gyu! related to discussions, either manga or anime, even when you just simply need help with your work. Also, post any anime recommendation besides Fushigiboshi. Founded by the author Daa3xLoVeR.
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Fine x Rein x Shade x Bright: Complicated Love
Are you a FinexShade fan or a FinexBright fan? ReinxShade or ReinxBright? Share your opinions about this complicated love in this forum! And don't forget to tell us your personal fav. couples besides these two!
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The Love of FBnFH
This forum's purpose is to give entertainment to all FBnFH fans out there, hope you enjoy the life inside the sociable spirit in this forum! Don't be shy and let your opinions flow out, everyone is welcome. Free hugs! Couple ships? Opinions about the anime/manga itself? Join in!
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