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Buddyfight RP
Join others in an RP to hang out and play Buddyfight
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Buddyfight Beyond
The world of Buddyfight is truly fascinating. Cards act as portals, connecting Earth to a plethora of worlds full of fantastic creatures. The game is constantly evolving, creating new possibilities that continue to keep the game fresh and exciting. Embark on an adventure alongside a buddy monster, and together, see what the future has in store.
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casual buddyfights
no current story. Just create a deck, and BUDDYFIGHT!
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Buddyfight World: RPG
Ever wanted to be a Buddyfighter? Ever wanted your own buddy? Or have you ever wanted to be someones buddy? Nows your chance. Set in Gao Mikado's buddyfight universe, take a role and begin a journey of epic proportions as you start to fight for your future. (Warning: Contact me first or your replies will be removed. This is a private Forum. We don't allow strong language or mature content. And no Soliciting) Due to Technical Difficulties this forum has moved to Trade Cards Online
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