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Buddyfight - Dimension Gate RP
A buddyfight RP forum, can I really say more?
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Buddyfight Beyond
The world of Buddyfight is truly fascinating. Cards act as portals, connecting Earth to a plethora of worlds full of fantastic creatures. The game is constantly evolving, creating new possibilities that continue to keep the game fresh and exciting. Embark on an adventure alongside a buddy monster, and together, see what the future has in store. The sequel to Buddyfight Beyond is also included in sub-categories denoted by "God Games", taking place 23 years after.
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casual buddyfights
no current story. Just create a deck, and BUDDYFIGHT!
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Buddyfight World
Welcome to a place where card games are more than just entertainment. Different cards connect to parallel worlds and allow the interactions between humans and other creatures ranging from dragons to demons and everything in between. Create a character and fight alongside your buddy in the world of Future Card Buddyfight!
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Buddyfight World: RPG
Ever wanted to be a Buddyfighter? Ever wanted your own buddy? Or have you ever wanted to be someones buddy? Nows your chance. Set in Gao Mikado's buddyfight universe, take a role and begin a journey of epic proportions as you start to fight for your future. (Warning: Contact me first or your replies will be removed. This is a private Forum. We don't allow strong language or mature content. And no Soliciting) Due to Technical Difficulties this forum has moved to Trade Cards Online
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MagoSoph Sofia x Shido
Who ships these cuties as much as I do?
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