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Mirai Nikki - 4th Dimension
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The Future Diary RP
A new game. Who will succeed the god of space and time? this time there is an unknown number of Diariys. you know the rules. Now lets play. Diaries come in many forms. (AU from the show)
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Mirai Nikki: Roleplay for Bosses!
A roleplay in the Mirai Nikki universe! A new world full of original characters! Are you boss enough to join? Come inside and see!
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Discuss Pairings
Discuss Mirai Nikki pairings, whether het, yaoi, or yuri.
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Future Diary Roleplay
Future Diaries. They are objects (mostly cellphones) with the ability to predict the future, in several different ways according to their users. They are used in the Survival Game, that determines who will earn the throne of God of Time & Space. who will earn the throne of God of Time & Space. Will you win and become the God of Time & Space? Or will you be killed by you're fellow players and lose the game? *Only OC*
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Future Diary Future-fics
I've noticed that virtually all the Future Diary stories are either Yukise pairing fics or new survival game fics. There are no stories that just take place after the events of canon with the same characters. Discuss?
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Mirai Nikki
This is a roleplay/rpg forum for the anime, Mirai Nikki, or "Future Diary", as stated in English. We will be discussing plot ideas. This is fully original characters.
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A broken bond
In this story Yukki and Yuno are living together and then yuno gets kidnapped and i wont spoil
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