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Alice Academy!
Gakuen Alice RP, hopefully this one doesn't die. But, play as a canon or create your own OC! No mary-sues, PLEASE!
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An All Girl's Talk
We all know that there are a great number of hot bishounens in GA! Now... Who do you think is the hottest? And what about those pairless characters? Discuss it right here!
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The Revolution
This is The Revolution, set up by Aertial and Iricanus. Now, being a better writer is no longer just a faraway dream-it's your future. Welcome to The Revolution.
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Gakuen Alice Academy RP
Make an OC or play as a canon! Come and join the fun!
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Gakuen Alice Reader's Choice Awards 2010
Gakuen Alice Reader's Choice Awards 2010
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who will win mikan's heart? ruka or natsume?
Love triangle between mikan, ruka and natsume. Who will win between the two? So...who do you like? ruka or natsume? for mikan...
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Gakuen Alice RP
A GA roleplay Open to all ; Come in and join us
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The Best Fanfic
Enter and tell what's the or are best Gakuen Alice Fanfiction around! Care to elaborate your reason through posts and see how the crowd reacts...
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Golden Days Arise
Looking to Critic stories in the Gakuen Alice Archive? Wanting to rant and complain? Maybe your looking for fellow authors? Either or Let's get the Gakuen Alice Archive back up to it's Golden Days.
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Gakuen Alice Reader's Choice Awards
The votes have been cast and the winners for the Gakuen Alice Reader's Choice Awards have emerged
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Lets Start A Party RP
So...I think we should start a party up! All the Gakuen Alice people come! Choose a character...or make one! We will have lots of fun on here, right? I hope you come on! Please? -gives puppy dog eyes-
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Gakuen Alice RP Role Playing
I know that there are already a whole lot of other RP forums but in this one, you can just join in! There's no permanent role and there is no limit to how many people want to be Mikan, Hotaru, Natsume or Ruka etc. You can add OC's too!
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Gakuen Alice Haven
Formerly known as the Cutest Couple and the NotSoCuteOnes. Talk about GA couples and other stuff. ATTENTION: FIL AUTHORS, THERE WILL BE A GETTOGETHER IN MALL OF ASIA! For more details go in!
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The choice
If you were an alice... Would you like to enter the academy? Why? and what alice would you like?
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It's all about you!
If you were to choose which Gakuen Alice Character you want to be... Who would it be? It can be Natsume, Mikan, Hotaru, Ruka... Even Permy... It's your choice!
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Gakuen Alice Fanfiction Critics Circle
Critics Motto: He who praises everybody, praises nobody. Are you a critic? If you want to be part of the list, prove it to us by filling up a simple form. We offer betareading, critical group discussions, critics choice awards, and more.
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Alice Fiction Awards 2012
READ! NOMINATE! VOTE! * GAKUEN ALICE from July 2011 to June 2012 *
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Random Thoughts
WOULD THERE BE ANOTHER GETTOGETHER OF FILIPINO AUTHORS SOON? Had you been the author of GA, how would you have ended it? What made MN such a good couple? And what about Nodasensei? Do you think he'd stop disappearing!
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the question
what will you do if you discovered you had an alice? What will it be? What can you do with it?
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Gakuen Alice Rpg For Amusing Peoplez!
Just an Rpg because I couldn't find any that wore not dead and/or lame. So yeah. There are non-existent requirements so come on in!
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Gakuen Alice Readers' Choice Awards 2008
The GARC Awards are back, and THE RESULTS are OUT! The polls have been taken down, and the winners have been announced. XD
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Gakuen Alice Reader's Choice Awards '09
This is the official forum for the GARCA's 2009. Nominations end December 25th.
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Gakuen Alice Role Play
come and rp as your fave gakuen alice characters or create your own !
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Gakuen Alice Sister Branch RP!
Gakuen Alice is a school for those with special powers called "Alices". Here's the sisiter branch! Be anyone in the academy, a teacher, a student and even antagonists are welcome!
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Gakuen Alice Roleplay
I know there are a lot like this one but lots of them are inactive. There are other ones you should check out, too! Apply for Gakuen Alice with your alice. Find friendship, enemies, maybe even love.
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