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Gakuen Alice Roleplay
I know there are a lot like this one but lots of them are inactive. There are other ones you should check out, too! Apply for Gakuen Alice with your alice. Find friendship, enemies, maybe even love.
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Gakuen Alice 2014 Generation
Mikan never learned about Yuka. Shiki was asked by his sister to return to GA to replace her as the Middle School Principal. Mikan was never imprisoned and the battle with the ESP did not happen. Anti-Alice Organizations tries to attack the Academy but they only grow stronger. And now, it's been two years since Mikan became part of the Dangerous Ability Class. Join in and create your characters just for fun!
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Gakuen Alice RP
This is A Gakuen Alice RP . I am a beginner at this so don't be to hard . I don't own Gakuen Alice. MAKE YOUR OWN CHARACTER NO ORIGINALS!
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