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GATE: Stories From the Special Region Troops
For those who write, want to write, or just want to discuss GATE. Or if you just wanna shoot the shit, this is the place. Faust no longer actively admins here.
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The World Beyond the Gate
(AU) When the Gate first appeared in Ginza, it only brought pain and misery. Now, a UN coalition, jointly led by the US, UK, and Japan, is preparing to journey beyond. Just what lies ahead?
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GATE: The USCPF After The Flash: The Gate Chronicles Forum
So. Due to massive changes to the lore of After the Flash: Deep Six and the USCPF, there will be two versions of the story. The original and the more ATF lore-friendly version of the story. Either way, this is where you will submit the OCs, your questions and the other important shit that will be explained.
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GATE: Thus the UN Fought There (RP and Discussion Forum)
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GATE: New Horizons
(GATE AU) Excuse the barebones description, but explore the Special Region as Earthen military or a GATE- Worlder
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Military Fiction's Round Table
An in-depth organization of Fanfiction ideas corresponding to stories with military fiction elements. If you have an idea that needs feedback before execution, ask for some feedback. In tandem with Faust's RP forum.
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GATE: And so, the World Fought On
Another Gate has opened up! This time, in the central hub of trade in the world. That's right, New York City, in the United States. Except, this time, the invasion force that invaded the city, invaded with much more military strength, and ranged weapons similar to our own. Come! Join a brand new adventure, into the new Gate.
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Crossover Club
Eeeeey kids! Let's talk about crossovers. Why? Just because. lmao.
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Liberation of Falmart Official Forum
I made this forum so we can discuss ideas, suggestions, or just talk because you want too about the fanfiction "Liberation of Falmart".
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Reviving Gate fanfictions
A forum for new and old writers of Gate - (Blah blah blah name is so long lol). No profanities, do stuff, share ideas, blah blah etc etc as long as it helps your writing and grammar as a writer. A tip for writers: Don't start writing multiple fanfics, do one at a time. And don't abandon them unless they're crappy lol.
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