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Get Backers You lost it, we find it!
Post anything about this series here.
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Kazuki Fuuchoin Ren Kadou Forum
Kazuki Fuuchoin Ren Kadou Forum... i repeat! Kazuki Fuuchoin Ren Kadou Forum ONLY!
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Get Backers: Rebirth
A new generation of Get Backers has risen from the glory of the past. What will be lost? What shall be recovered? Will you be one of the few to Topple the revived tower?
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Get Backers en Español
Para los fans que no tienen ganas de escribir en Inglés
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First ever Get Backers forrum!
I can't believe there isn't any GB forrum! Well, here's where you can post everything and anything that relates to GB! From your favourite incidents or episodes to the funniest pairings ever. cya!
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That HalfVR Place
Come discuss the wonders of the Limitless Fortress, Infinity Fortress, Mugenjou, Demon's Nest, whatever you call it.
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OTP of the GetBackers Series
Come debate, ponder, question the one true pairing of GetBackers. Yaoi, yuri, het or otherwise! I'd love to hear what you have to say.
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Ginji and Ban?
Ok just a question, or more a pollWho thinks Ginji and Ban are both gay? Or are they str8 its hard to tell....
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Alpha omega GB!
For every letter of the alphabet can you come up with a word that has SOMETHING 2 do with GB?
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Ginji es mejor de Emperador?
Mucho dicen eso pero... alguien esta seguro?
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2nd chances
Anything and everything about get backers! u must be seeing the same shit on every summary, but anyways, this is a asorta continuation of 'first ever gb forrum' for all those who used to post there. : yes, i am kenshoumaru. OO
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The Blur
The BanKazuki forum for all your BK insights, rants, questions, and idle talk.
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GetBackers Yaoi
Give your opinions on which Get Backers yaoi pairing you like. as long as all discussions, language and contents are suitable for teens. plz follow the rule and don't get me in trouble!
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The Ban Midou Forum
The forum on all things Ban Midou.
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What Should Happen?
Anything goes, as long as you follow the rules: language has to suitable for Teens, no stories posted here, and respect others. Basically, this is where anyone's welcome to talk about Get Backers.
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Challenges and Requests
I have yet to see a challenge/request page thingy so I'm making it one. Hopefully this will help to add some varitity in the GB section. Come here to make your requests and post challenges!
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Snow Drops
Ban has gotten his fathful LadyBug taken once again leaving him and Ginji to walk back into town during a snow storm. Fluffy BanXGinji No Lemons sorry
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