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Ghosties & other things!
Ghosties - Ghost Hunt Writing Awards! Other things - Including: Topic theme writing weeks!
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Love is in the air!
A forum to talk about your favorite couples of Ghost Hunt!
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Would you rather game Ghost Hunt style :D
Ok, this is how the game goes. The first person would make up a would you rather it can be good or bad about ghost hunt. The next person would answer their choice, and make up a new one!
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Lines They Wouldn't Say In Ghost Hunt
xD The most hilrious, random things you can think of for the characters of Ghost Hunt to say. What they normally wouldn't say on the show or in the Manga!
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Lets RP with Ghost Hunt, and if you have a character question I'd be happy if you stopped by my ask the characters topic
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Ghost Hunt: Thoughts on MaixNaru & Masako
If you like/love the Mai and Naru and think that Masako is a complete ---- or you don't think she's one, but you still hate her guts, then this is the forum for you!
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Paranormal Feedback
Where the Ghost Hunt writers and reviewers come together. In need of reviews to improve your writing? Want to give someone feedback without shying away from criticism? Feel like taking on the diversity challenge? All that and more here.
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Ghost Hunt the Movie: The American Haunting
This is a forum for my Ghost Hunt Movie that I'm working on. And I need your help. I promise I will give you full credit for the Ideas you give me. If you like I can help you with one of your fics and i promise I won't take credit for it. Anyway I thank y
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Ghost Hunt: Next Generation
Seasons change, times passes, and everything goes on. Follow the steps of the next generation. [Open/Accepting]
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SPuR Shibuya Psychic Research
Welcome to SPR, a paranormal investigative organisation built on a rep for finding and exorcising spirits. RP Forum for Ghost Hunt. Join SPuR in their quest to rid the world of vengeful spirits!
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random forum
anyone who likes ghost hunt may post here!
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If you were there
So basically, you write about Ghost Hunt scenes from the anime/manga that would have changed if you or some you knew was there. State the scence and situation. What you or a friend would do. And if you can, tell the result.
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Ghost Hunt Dub Goodthing or Bad
A place to discuss the situation with Ghost Hunt being dubbed.
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The Ghost Hunt
I'm on a Ghost Hunt of my own. Looking for some of the best completed Ghost Hunt stories out there. I need an SPR of my own. Can you help to hunt down these stories for me?
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Naru and Mai?
Here you can post what would be a romantic, funny etc. Naru and Mai moment s , like funny arguements or confessions.
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Ghost Hunt Sequel
Aria has announced in celebration of it's second year anniversary - The sequel to Ghost Hunt: Akumu no Sumu Ie - Ghost Hunt. Links available to the english Manga. Releases will be made every month. English Manga available now!
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I think we need a place to talk about the future of fanfic!
I want to talk to fellow writers and readers alike, to see what's hot and what's not! I want to help improve the quality of our stories with your help, so please take the time to share your opinion on Ghost hunt!
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Opposites Attract
Everybody knew Mai was at a friend's house but who was this friend and how could this friend help them? LinxMai MonkxAyako JohnxMasako
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Ghost hunt characters
COME in here to talk about your favorite ghost hunt character!
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Ghost Hunt Writing Challenges
This is a place where me and my judges will give a monthly writing challenge for Ghost Hunt. I hope that you will come and particapate. Come join the fun, come join the challenge!
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Ghost Hunting
Anything you want to talk about that has to do with the manga, or any other ghost hunting tangent, can happen here!
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The SPR Files
A place to talk about the animemanga Ghost Hunt! I hope you all enjoy! No flaming, being rude or talking down to others please.
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Ghost Hunt: Your conceptionideas about the charact
What are your conceptions about the characters? Why do you think they act the way they do? How does it affect how you portray them in a fic?
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im looking for a story all i know of the story is that was a little boy that his twin had died and the little boys name is Gene and he said that he was waiting for Mai and Naru i hope someone can help me i really liked that story
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SPR: Shibuya Psychic Research
A place to discuss Ghost Hunt anime and manga.
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