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Ghost in the Shell 2nd GIG RP forum
heres an area where fans of ghost in the shell 2nd GIG can come together and RP, as well as createing OCs or becomeing cannon charaters , any1 can join
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Ghost in the Shell: A Whisper in the Net
Before the Laughing Man, Japan is under siege by a terrorist group known as The Orphans Of the Revolution headed by someone known as Magi. The untested Section 9 has been called up to put an end to this threat once and for all. It's up to you to stop them and restore peace and justice to Japan.
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Ghost in the Shell Fanfiction Ideas
What would you like to see in a GITS Fanfiction? Romance? Mystery? Horror? Pairings? Suggestions welcome!
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Ghost in the Shell RP
Join in on the fun as a member of Section 9 or are you opposed to them, like the Laughing Man. Who knows but join in with OCs as well as CCs
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Lithium Yaoi
A forum for the few GitS yaoi and yuri fans out there!
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Ghost In The Shell RP, Discussion, and more!
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Ghost In the Shell: Inner Universe Saga
A little forum where I plan on answering the reviews, as my email just happenes to be acting funny :D
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GITS: Lost Spirits
A forum to the new series I have started. I am working to start a staff service for survival of this series. Interested post in assigned block.
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Public Security Section 9
Forun to talk about your favorite episode or character. Questions are welcome on any subject concerning GitS:SAC, GitS:SAC 2nd Gig, and the GitS films.
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Happy Pappy Stories
A place to talk about Happy Pappy's Ghost in the Shell stories as well as make suggestions or ask questions.
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A froum about Section 9's Chief, Aramaki.
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Spartan 22's GiTS Forum
Talk about my GiTS fan fics here. Advice, ideas, etc are welcome. Disrespect flaming, trolling, etc will not be tolerated, but I don't think I will have to worry about that.
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Motoko's corner
Any questions, comments, requests, or concerns? Do they adhere to the rules? Then by all means, post them here, if they have to do with GitS.
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Info on GITS
if anyone could give me websites on anything about GITS or GITS:SAC that they have it would be greatly appreciated.
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ODIN Watches
A forum for all GITS SAC fanfic authors to dicuss ideas for new FanFics and what they'd like to see 'if' another GITS was made. To be frank most Ghost in the Shell Related topics are welcome just no nasty comments about other peoples work.
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GitS SACTransformers anyone?
I'm currently doing a crossover between Ghost in the Shell SAC and Transformers 07 movie ,I love both and thought they'd make a great fanfic together, I'm really enjoying it and I've had plenty of hits, but what do you think?
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GITS SAC: The mysterious 1st alpha marine
"Hey, Bato did you hear that?" Mhmm, I think your hearing's starting to fail - ahahaha! Kusanagi.
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Ghost in the shell Stand alone complex
Hey, Batou did you hear that? "Hmmm, I'm sorry Major, but I think audio sensor arrays are going, because I didn't hear a damn thing!" Bolaan, alert security and corridor, checkpoint, and hallway locked down tighter than a hangman's noose!
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