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Yorozuya: Separate Shrines
Pairings. Requests. OCs. Challenges. Just about everything in the freelancer's dictionary. First forum started. Rant about your favorite characters.
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Gintama Fandom
Post here to find out where all the fansites are. Couples, for Gintama as a whole, for individual characters. All welcome!
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Yorozuya Soul
En construcción - En búsqueda de moderadores. ¡Ampliemos el fandom de Gintama en español!
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I have major writer's block
I still have writer's block- please give me ideas for stories to write! Just look at my profile to see what categories I'll write for.
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Silver Soul
A forum for those who enjoy and love Gintama, the hilarious tale of the sugar-loving, silver-haired Gintoki and his friends. Come and discuss your favourite characters, the funniest scenes, roleplay, laugh out loud, and so much more!
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Red vs Blue x Gintama?
How good would a red vs blue x gintama crossover be?
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All about parodies and crossovers that I will add
Ideas for Gintama Gag fan fiction with other Shonen Jump and non-shonen jump characters and also for Ginpachi sensei segment
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Class 3Z Ginpachisensei!
Visit Class Z at Gintama High. Bring hot dogs and don't forget the mayo to class and you will fit right in with Kagura. Also don't sit anywhere near Hijikata or risk losing your limbs. This is a Gintama roleplay/chat.
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Mitsuba's sickness
Yo! Doing a fan fic but I need to know what Mitsuba's sickness is. I know its lung disease but any more specific will help a lot. Please help me!
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The Rival Become Dramatic
Nobume Imai sang Vice Chief Miwaramigumi yang manjaga Soyo-hime seperti Okita Sougo dari Shinsengumi, Sougo juga menjaga soyo-hime apabila dia ingin pergi. Setelah mereka berdua sudah lama Menjaga Soyo-hime dan bertemu terus Nobume mulai suka dengan Sougo dikarenakan sikap sadistnya dan mengerti orang lain dengan cara mengerjainya.
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The Yato Samurai
What if there were amanto that fought along side the jouishishi as comrades during the Joui War? What would they be like? You decide
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