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Girls und Panzer Roleplay
THIS IS AN OPEN RP CURRENTLY! ALL RPERS ARE WELCOMED TO JOIN! Seeing that we need some Girls und Panzer RPs today, I decided to make one... well... kinda... Join us today, and get a glimpse of the Senshado universe. See you on the field, tanker! PANZER VOR!
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The Midnight and Mid-day Sun Is Rising: TOTH Forum
This forum is made for the sharing of ideas, opinions and comments for the Girls und Panzer Trouble on the Homefront Universe. Everyone is welcome as long as they don't spam and follow the rules.
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Boys und Sensha-dō! THE FORUM!
Discuss the Boys und Sensha-dō! fanfiction... Characters (both canon and OC), tanks, and anything that suites your fancy in this AU to the great Anime, Manga, and Light Novel series: Girls und Panzer.
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It my version of Girl und panzer but with Tanks, planes. Also have FUN!
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Gear heads Garage
A Forum for the people how want to know more about the tanks used in Girls Und Panzer or who need help with finding tanks for their stories.
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Panzer Vor!
Tanks, tanks and more tanks.
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White forest peak
A rp forum. (if you have a better name for e school tell me. Founded after the surprising victory of ooari, the school hopes to make a name for itself.(I suck at summaries sorry. Tell me if you have a better one.
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Tale of Tankery
This is the forum where everyone shall discuss about Sensha-dõ or Tankery and Panzerfahren. Everyone is welcome here, so don't be shy to express your ideas.
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Girls und Panzer Forum for new role players
To start off, lets make a clean, new Girls und Panzer Role play forum. Keep things clean guys!
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Girls und panzer rp
just create a character and go
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