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Season 4: Shiragiku
Why wait? Here is Yankumi, doing what she does best, and at a new school no-less! Welcome to Shiragiku, an all-boys school where 3-D is heralded as the next major gang! It's up to Yankumi to save the day! Hidden OFCs accepted. (Hiatus until further notice)
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Yaoi in Gokusen
not anime or manga.drama only.this is a place to discuss boyXboy pairings in the drama.anything related to it.plot ideas.pairings.whatever you like.i want to know what people would think ie KazamaXOgata
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Shin Sawada andor Hayato Yabuki fans :
this is for everyone who likes or loves the characters of SHIN SAWADA of gokusen 1 andor HAYATO YABUKI of gokusen 2... i like the 2 of them very much!... hihi!:
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