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Guilty Crown - Aftermath
Guilty Crown post-series RP. The effects of the Apocolypse Virus were only temporarily suppressed by the sacrifice of Inori and Shu - neither came back from the final showdown. Now, with the virus rising up again and the government beginning to hunt down the former Funeral Parlor members, almost no one is safe. Word has it that the government's target is a remaining Void Genome which would give them enough power to prevent their downfall. Entirely OC cast.
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Guilty Crown
A Guilty Crown roleplay forum for everyone! Debate, discuss and chat about your favorite confusing anime of all time. No canon characters are available- just original characters. Have fun in the world of Guilty Crown!
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Guilty Crown
Hello, and welcome! This is a Guilty Crown forum, where much action and adventure take place. Possibly love, as well. A person has a void, which links to their personality in many ways, and that is divided into ranks. Help out Funeral Parlor! Join and enjoy having fun with us!
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Guily Crown ギルティクラウン RP and Discussions
Guilty Crown shall rise from its vacant forum state! All Guilty Crown fans, gather here to roleplay, debate or just discuss Guilty Crown! GC forever!
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Guilty Crown
This is an AU post-apocalyptic RP. It happens in 2049, after the pandemic is over, and Funeral Parlor has died out. A new faction has entered Japan, and GHQ is now experimenting to try and create a new machine that is more advanced than the Endlave. Many former Funeral Parlor members were either captured by GHQ or became lucky enough to escape out of the quarantined area of Tokyo. A new base is being set up in Fukuoka, Japan.
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Guilty Crown
Hello, all... This is one of the "potential" Guilty Crown roleplays that will soon be starting up again! Please join with my friend as we try to make Guilty Crown a more active place for the forum area! I appreciate your support, thank you.
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Guilty Crown
Hello, everyone! Welcome to Tokyo, during the year of 2039, ten years after the Apocalypse Virus spread throughout Japan. A blood-shedding war has began, and there's not much left of the world. The Apocalypse virus has taken it's toll, and GHQ has begun to take over with the lack of liberation. It's your turn to help save Japan...
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Guilty Crown
Under progress. Thank you for your consideration.
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Guilty Crown
A roleplay forum for Guilty Crown. Currently under progress.
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Guilty Crown
A roleplay for Guilty Crown.
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Guilty Crown Inori Yuzuriha cosplay costume
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