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The Jade Series
General Discussions,Custom Mobile Suit Layouts, Original Characters. . . Anything for fanfics welcome. The only thing I ask, is that there are no Character Bashings what so ever.
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World of Gundam Battle: Golden Age Warfare
This is a structured RP based around the technology and setting of my epic length story series. Primarily for fans, but anyone who can follow the rules is welcome
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World of Gundam Battle: The Age of Unity
A revival of the Reclamation War Gundam based RPG Game. Accepts all comers, not just fans of the original story. Also includes worldbuilding roles, anyone who wants to explore a Gundam RPG in their own way could easily find themselves welcome in this friendly community.
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Gundam meets our world
a RP forum that takes all parts of the gundam universe and gets thrown into our world,you can use anything from the gundam universe that has ever been made and you can also select any cannon charater from any of the gundam series if you wish to use them
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Gundam Seed RP Section
Here is where all of the RPs for the C.E. go and where you can have fun RPing as some of your favorite characters.
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Gundam Seed RP
Yeah I brought back my Gundam RP
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The Best Warship or best battle
Which warship do you think is the best? Or which fight was or would be the best, MS on MS or ship on ship.
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How do you see the characters?
Everyone sees characters differently than others. Sharing opinions usually helps broaden views :D Remember to keep it friendly!
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Pairings: Which are Good? Which are Bad? Why?
What pairings you like. What you don't and Why. Voice your opion freely instead of reviews so c'mon.
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Come on! Not all GS fans like this pinkhaired girl... Ack! Lacus bashing is definitely welcome here!
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Proving grounds
My Forum For RPs, Story writing and General Chatting. Have fun.
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Gundam Seed Shadow forum
Welcome to Gundam Seed Shadow, any questions, suggestions, or anything else regarding the story you want to talk about feel free to do it here.
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Changes in the Cosmic Era
Gundam SEED is, in my opinion, the best Gundam series to date. That doesn't mean it's perfect, though. A place to share ideas for improving the Cosmic Era.
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Edenite H&D
We need a better way then PMs and the Google docs to communicate so here.
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Sephiroth12285's Gundam SEED related stories discu
Dicuss Sephiroth12285's Gundam SEED related stories such as HWBD and my Star Wars crossover with Gundam SEED.
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Athrun Zala Kingdom
If you are an Athrun fan seeking nothing else but to chat about the gorgeous Red Knight himself with people who understand and feel the same, let's talk about Athrun!
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AsuCaga:Destinied Couple
A forum for all AsuCaga fans! NO BASHING CAGALLI or even the couple please!
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Red or Pink?
Kira fell in love twice, or so the story goes. But who is better for him, Flay or Lacus? Any comparisions and comments are welcome. Bashing...well that depends. And really, I don't know about the answer myself I like both pairings.
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Gundam RP: The day That Everything Changed for Everyone CONT
After the original RP kinda sorta died because of conflict's, different reasoning, and sheer lack of motivation to post. I decided to try and make a continuation of the old form RP. Hopefully this wont die out quickly or struggle to keep on living ... There will be two worlds in this RP however ...
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Gundam SEED Nation of the Ice Forum
Here you apply your own OC, mobile suits (Including Gundams), ships, and faction, etc, for my Fic, Gundam SEED: Nation of the Ice. So enjoy!
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Cosmic Era Battleground
The Earth and ZAFT are at war with each other and pilots are joining sides. Choose a side to join. Join the Earth Alliance and destroy Coordinators for the preservation of a blue and pure world. Join ZAFT for the dawn of a new mankind. Or join the Arc
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Gundam Seed Destiny: EXtreme Legends!
After the events of Gundam Seed Destiny, Earth Forces, Orb and ZAFT have created an organization, called the United Alliance for peace between nations.It is upto you to choose your side and bring either chaos or peace to the warring factions.
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Writer's Corner
Got writer's block? Need suggestions and feedback on your story? Looking for something new to read? Then this is the place for you, a forum for discussion of GSGSD fanfiction.
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The I believe that Gilbert Durandal is a villian F
This forum is dedicated to the discussion on why you think Gilbert Durandal is a villian.
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Gundam Seed AU RP: The Tears of the Valentine
Come here for an active Gundam Seed AU roleplay forum. The story will be drastically different form the source material. We'll be using original characters, original factions, and canon characters with unique twists.
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