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Gundam Wing RPs
Not sure if a forum just for RPs has been made yet or not. So I decided to make one. Want to RP Gundam Wing? This may be the place for you!
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Recherche de fic GW en français ? Venez poster ici
Vous voulez lire ou relire une fic GW ? Impossible de remettre la main sur le titre ou l'auteur ! Vous cherchez de nouvelles lectures par thème sans forcemment avoir l'envie de décortiquer les cent et quelques pages d'histoires ? Ce forum est pour vous.
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What do u guys think: French or Latin? 3 all the w
I've been wondering... Is Trowa French, Latin, Japanese,...? Give your opinion!
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Gundam Wing lost fic
This forum is for anyone who is looking for a Gundam Wing fic that they can't remember the title, author or location. Anyone can post a missing fic and anyone can post an answer.
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Why Gundam Wing?
Why do you think Gundam Wing continues to be so popular, as an anime and a fan fiction category?
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Gundam Wing Story Ideas
Have an idea and want to try bouncing it off a couple of heads before you write about it? Click here and you can display your ideas and see if anyone would be interested before you post it!
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Gundam Wing: The Movie Adaptation
How would you feel about a big budget Gundam Wing live action movie being made? Who would YOU personally cast to play the pilots and everyone else? Discuss all that and more here :.
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1xR Pairing
If you like 1xR, you should come here. Let's talk about how you feel about 1xR!
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Character Study: GW Style
Do you really think that Duo is as much of a ditz? Or is he? Is Wufei blunt or is he just plain mean? D'you think Trowa was beaten and raped early in life or is he just quiet? If you have an idea on any of these, come on in!
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Speak Your Mind!
Speak! Speak! Speak! Are you a fan of 1xR? Or you're just a big GW fan? Well, this forum's for you! New topics are welcomed.
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Heero Yuy
Anything and everything about Heero Yuy. Do you like him or not? What type of pairings do you like? Yaoi or Het? Your favorite stories? etc.
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does any1 here have trouble writing fics?
my problem is that i always never know wat i'm writing about. after i start, i always reach somewhere where i don't know wat i'm doing or wat to do next. does any1 know wat i mean and if so, were u able to do something about it? how?
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Who would you be?
Ok, If you had to be an anime character, who would you be?
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The Gundam Wing fandom must live on! And I need yo
I was part of the original US bunch of Gundam Wing fans 2000 when it aired on CW and I just hate watching the fandom die. I've been a fan of Gundam Wing and reading its fanfiction on this site since I first got dialup as a kid. It's grown up with me. I
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Gundam Wing Yaoi
Come and talk or RP your favorite Gundam Wing Yaoi pairings. Please no Lemon. Lime is okay.
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The Past Meets Present and other Gundam Wing Fics
Got a question you want answered? Or just a place to complain about my lack of updates with others? Well, here's the spot.
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Dreams Come True & Making a Dream
Etto, bueno, para quienes siguen mi fanfinc... ya se que esto es una exajeracion, pero soy fanatica de lo que escribo XD, aqui algunos comentarios y links. ¡Comenten Porfas!
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Anti Relena Movement in short ARM!
If you hate Relena.. then this is a place for you, but if you like Relena.. please stay away.. New Topics are warmly accepted
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The 1x2 Forum
For the Yaoi fans. Doesn't have to be 1x2, it can be any yaoi pairing, but mostly centered on 1x2. Share comments, rants, questions and whatknot.
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Over the Hill
For lovers and writers of GW fanfics born before the '90s
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Why or Why Not Like Relena Peacecraft?
You like Relena? You hate her with all your heart? Did you like to defend her or send flames? Well, if you like, you can put all this things here! BUT please no bad languages, right? It's just to DEBATE about what did you think about her.
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Beta Readers
If you need a beta reader... Post in here! Shamelessly created because I need one...
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Unique pairing's
Talk about different plots and settings for these unique pairings. 2x3 3x2, 2x5 5x2, 3x5 5x3 Also, talk about what you liked best out of certain fic's and what you'd like to see in new ones. More to come soon.
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le monde de gundam wing
ici on ne parle que de gundam
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Gundam Wing Fans
This forum is for those who love Heero, Duo, Trowa, and possibly Wufei and Quatra spI know, I'm bad P and the adventures of Gundam Wing. Also for those who have a bone to pick with Relena!
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