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Yea for Gunslinger Girl
Talk about anything that has to do with Gunslinger Girl anime or manga
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Gunslinger Girl RP
Ever wanted to RP your own Gunslinger Girl OC? Then here it is! Pair up with others or create your own fratello and RP alongside others in your Unit. If this gets big enough, we can have Units outside of Italy and all over the world! So come join in on the fun!
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Gunslinger Girl Writer's Club
For the writers in general who are fans of Gunslinger Girl, topics about other works, etc.
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Gunslinger Girl Fullmetal Alchemist Challenge
This is a challenge to all aspiring writers, since I myself at the moment lack the time and commitment to write a story that would do these two anime's justice. Not to mention that I can't seem to get those plot bunnies out of there holes to help me.
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Should there more ep of GSG?
Should they make more ep. or is it good the way it is?
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Gunslinger Girl art
Hey, it's been on all of our minds. How do you think Yu Aida drew Italy in Gunslinger Girl? Did he take pictures while in Italy and script out the series so he could add the pictures later? Did he use a certain manga program for importing pictures and tur
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