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Gurren Lagann
This rp is set after the wedding of Simon and Nia. Spoiler: THE MIGHTY KAMINA WILL LIVE ONCE AGAIN! Obviously canons and ocs are welcome! Canon claims are highly encouraged!
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Dai-Gurren Brigade, Set Forth!
Another world with even more possibilities. The battle with the Anti-Spiral proved other realities exist. So, step forth in this one, and seize you destiny! Your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!
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Gurren chat
Come here and chat about the awesome anime Tengen Toppa GurrenLagann! Chat about pairings,characters and everything else!
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Gurren Lagann LOL!
Who can you imagine yourself killing off? Who's your favorite character? What characters would you like to see in a fight to the death? Anything is possible!
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GurrenLagann, SPIN ON!
Discuss all things related to Gurren Lagann. Please mark major spoilers for newer fans.
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Real Dreams
Anything and everything. This forum is something for everyone.
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Gurren Lagann Challenges
For those who want to make something different or dont have anything better to do...
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I need ideas!
Help me! I have writer's block! Please give me ideas for stories to write! It doesn't matter if the idea is weird or hard. All I need is a plot and the characters- more detail is better...
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Pierce the Heavens with your drill! Together!
Our friends hopes and dreams are etched into it's body, transforming this infinite darkness into light! Unmatched in heaven and earth, ONE MACHINE, equal to the GODS. Tengen Toppa... ISSHO!
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Simon the Digger: The Stars and a life well Llived
?:This is how it happened. This is how the life of a man who fulfilled his destiny, no matter how high the price, came to an end. The man is known as... "How can we ever repay you?" "Just plant some flower seeds and make them bloom" "Just that?" "And care for them always" "...Will do." "Thank You" A man in a cloak has just finished working for a village in return for having flowers planted and make the world more beautiful as a result. It had taken 30 years, but it was now
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Me and Yoko
Yoko and me
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