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Troisième Gymnase
Du blabla, des défis, tout ce qu'on veut pour célébrer nos joueurs préférés \o/
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Haikyu Ultimate RP!
This is an Rp for Haikyu, there will be 2 different topic Rps 1. Set at the start of the anime 2. Set 10 years after the cannon series
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Team Players
It is a new year and now that the third years have graduated, it is time for new faces to join the team! Perhaps some third years may show up again, too. OC-friendly and canons available!
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Haikyuu! ハイキュー Voleibol Club
Foro por y para fans del anime/manga Haikyuu! para convivir con más seguidores y escritores de esta serie; intercambiar ideas, gustos y opiniones.
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Karasuno Voleibol Club
Foro dedicado al anime y manga de Furudate Haruichi en español.
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It's Our Play Now
Welcome to the Forum created for "It's Your Play Now" and other subsequent sidestories! This is the space for snippet-writing, brainstorming what's to come in the story, and just general conversing! Come on in!
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Haikyu! Writing Requests
You get to prompt the person who last posted to write a Haikyu! fic. After that, someone gets to prompt you! This way, we will get a lot of interesting fics :)
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Choose your character to roleplay. (Your profile photo must be that character)
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She's Mine
Karasuno and Fukurodani had gone to watch a match between two colleges. The two teams they were there for was Kitsune. Kiyoko Shimizu and Yukie Shirofuku have a crush on the same girl on the volleyball team of Kitsune. Her name is Jitsuko Tendou. But once the two girls find out that they have a crush on the same girl they have a grudge on each other which Jitsuko eventually finds out about. Who will she choose
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Haikyuu RolePlay
Roleplay Haikyuu Characters!
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My Little
Asahi ama Noya e os seus gemidos manhosos. [AsaNoya!au]
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Rain Day
Kageyama realmente odiava dias chovosos, mas quando Hinata aparecia, apenas em dias chuvosos, ele aprendeu a amar toda aquela água gelada que caía do céu.
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Song For You
Lagu sederhana itu ia lantunkan sebagai penghibur lara dan sebagai pengungkap perasaan
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Haikyu el poema
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Alors, pour la simple et unique raison qu'il n'y pas de forum français sur Haikyuu (bon y en a un mais j'ai vu que personne ne parle plus dessus depuis 2017...) bah j'en créer un. Pour parler de cette magnifique oeuvre d'art qu'est ce manga. Et pour parler de tout !
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