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Troisième Gymnase
Du blabla, des défis, tout ce qu'on veut pour célébrer nos joueurs préférés \o/
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Haikyu Ultimate RP!
This is an Rp for Haikyu, there will be 2 different topic Rps 1. Set at the start of the anime 2. Set 10 years after the cannon series
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Team Players
It is a new year and now that the third years have graduated, it is time for new faces to join the team! Perhaps some third years may show up again, too. OC-friendly and canons available!
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Haikyuu! ハイキュー Voleibol Club
Foro por y para fans del anime/manga Haikyuu! para convivir con más seguidores y escritores de esta serie; intercambiar ideas, gustos y opiniones.
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Heroines: Limitless (( Open for OCs & Canon Characters ))
With the rise of the crows back to their throne, the long-forgotten girl's volleyball team's ruined rep is tarnishing Karasuno. With a new year comes a fresh beginning for Karasuno girls team. With the girl's club in danger of termination, will this ragtag team of girls be able to rise from the ashes and fly again, or will their wings be clipped? ALL POSITIONS OPEN! Come RP with us!
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Karasuno Voleibol Club
Foro dedicado al anime y manga de Furudate Haruichi en español.
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It's Our Play Now
Welcome to the Forum created for "It's Your Play Now" and other subsequent sidestories! This is the space for snippet-writing, brainstorming what's to come in the story, and just general conversing! Come on in!
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Oya, Oya, Forum Francophone HQ!
Forum dédié au manga Haikyuu! Vous aimez la série, vous voulez papoter de vos ships, vos écrits, etc ? N'hésitez pas à venir faire un tour ici !
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Haikyu! Writing Requests
You get to prompt the person who last posted to write a Haikyu! fic. After that, someone gets to prompt you! This way, we will get a lot of interesting fics :)
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Choose your character to roleplay. (Your profile photo must be that character)
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She's Mine
Karasuno and Fukurodani had gone to watch a match between two colleges. The two teams they were there for was Kitsune. Kiyoko Shimizu and Yukie Shirofuku have a crush on the same girl on the volleyball team of Kitsune. Her name is Jitsuko Tendou. But once the two girls find out that they have a crush on the same girl they have a grudge on each other which Jitsuko eventually finds out about. Who will she choose
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Haikyuu RolePlay
Roleplay Haikyuu Characters!
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My Little
Asahi ama Noya e os seus gemidos manhosos. [AsaNoya!au]
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Rain Day
Kageyama realmente odiava dias chovosos, mas quando Hinata aparecia, apenas em dias chuvosos, ele aprendeu a amar toda aquela água gelada que caía do céu.
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Song For You
Lagu sederhana itu ia lantunkan sebagai penghibur lara dan sebagai pengungkap perasaan
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Haikyu el poema
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Alors, pour la simple et unique raison qu'il n'y pas de forum français sur Haikyuu (bon y en a un mais j'ai vu que personne ne parle plus dessus depuis 2017...) bah j'en créer un. Pour parler de cette magnifique oeuvre d'art qu'est ce manga. Et pour parler de tout !
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Hello!Eddig nem nagyon láttam magyar fórumokat, úgyhogy eldöntöttem: Csinálok egyet! Még új nekem ez a hely, hisz már hozzá vagyok szokva a Wattpad-hoz, de remélem itt is hamar otthonosan tudom majd érezni magam, veletek együtt. *3
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Please Be My Omega (Bokuto x Kuroo)
(Omegaverse) Helping a omega in heat is rare but not for Bokuto.
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One-shot's Haikyuu! X Lectora
Diferentes one-shot de Haikyuu x lectora! Los personajes no me pertenecen si no al mangaka Haruichi Furudate. No habrá lemon, para eso más adelante haré una historia de ese tema.
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