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Set in the Edo Era. An RPG forum for Hakuouki, the greatest otome game of all time! Why don't you dive in and join us? Plots are still available and we would love to have new members! Come on and hang out!
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Hakuouki or Hakuōki薄桜鬼: Jurenka, Shinsengumi Kitan
A RPG/anime/manga, follows the story of a girl, living among the Shinsengumi samurai while she searches for her father. There are secrets to uncover and choices to be made, what do you think of it all? I suggest looking up "Hakuouki" under Google images
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Under progress. Please be patient.
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Hakuouki Roleplay!
Hakuouki RP! Looking for people who really know their character and can act like them. Save romance simulations for designated topics. NO YAOI. I'm sorry, but no. Just... no. No.
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Hakuouki Reimeiroku T1
History: They had a police unit that served the shogunate in the final period of the Bakufu. The troops were under the direct command of the Military Commissariat of the Kyoto Shogunate. The history of Hakuouki, defines the period of dark Edo fight in Japan, where violence was common between the streets of Kyoto, a small faction started up the brutality to protect the innocent by viewers of that busy city. The epoch in the Shinsengumi was formed was before Memoirs of a Geisha was in 1929 and Pearl Harbor th
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Hakuoki Prompts, Discussion, and Challenges
A writing and discussion forum focused on the characters in the Hakuoki series! Prompts and challenges will be made by me, and the character, emotion, and setting will be determined by the numbers you choose! There may be some special days such as birthdays, but otherwise this forum is meant for you to let loose the creative juices once the first step is given. Good luck and have fun!
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hi I am disaster
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