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HamHam Roleplay
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The Hamijou & other Canon couples classic forum!
This is where you can discuss the obvious couples, which are my favorite. Go on, discuss, please! This is my C2 community's forum.
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Hamtaro's New Adventure Rpg
Hamtaro is back with new adventures and new friends. Join hamtaro and the hams hams with new romances! Come right in :-D
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Canon, Noncanon, Madeup and Twisted Couple Forum
Basically a mix of all things that are couple related in the Hamtaro universe. From canon, to noncaon... to twisted and madeup couples. It's all here. Also talk about couples in general too.
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Something Different: NonCanon Forum
Want to talk over a romance you wouldn't normally find in Hamtaro? Well, this is the place to do so. A forum to go with the C2.
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Hamtaro fans Forum!
The forum for the C2!
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Shadow Ham series discusion
Just a place to hang out and discuss Shadow of a Hamster, Love is a Battlefield, Angels and Devils and share ideas for the final of the series, Past the Point of No Return.
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Ham Ham clubhouse online!
come in and talk with all your favorite ham hams in a chat play setting! AU pairings Allowed :D note: Screen names must be used for all Ham hams used in forum.
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DD's hamtaro forum base
All you need to know about Hamtaro, and more. Enter comments.
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Because all the Hamtaro forums are quite dead, I have created a new one! Just a place for general chat about the Hamtaro anime, video games, etc.
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