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Vocaloid Roleplay
Most Vocaloid roleplays are dead. I have made this forum for all Vocaloid fans to come roleplay without fear of the roleplay dieing! It is based on the amazing Vocaloid manga Hatsune Mix and the group is in high school and live with Meiko in her home, and the family is poor. Random drama and adventure will ensue! OCs are more than welcome!
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Vocaloid High
Welcome to Vocaloid High, a fanmade school for all Vocaloids and UTAUs alike. We've got the daily classes, and a beautiful campus. Come and join!
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Collab Ideas
Chloe Haku and me only! D Thanks!
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The Vocacademy
Welcome to the Vocacademy, where Vocaloids, Utauloids, or Megpoids from all over the world come to sing and learn about music! OC's are welcome.
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Vocaloid Middle School
Welcome to Vocaloid Middle School! Here is my dorm code and armpad # and Bio! O.c.'s are welcome too! Name: Silver, Cynthia (last,first) Age: 11 Gender: Female Weight: 11 lbs Color: Blood red Item: Knife Race: Vocaloid/ Android Voice range: Tenor Bio: Cynthia is supposed to be a killer, but her programs malfunctioned,and her personality changed from killer to, sweet, kind and loving. Her 3 sisters and brother all ignore her like she's invisible. Cynthia's only friend is Bonnie ( or Animabonnie).
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