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Jigoku Shoujo RP
Do join! And start writing about your own hell!
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Jigoku Shoujo Forum
For Jigoku Shoujo Hell Girl fans to chat about the anime and manga.
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Hell Girl RP
NOTICE: ON HIATUS! I've seen the first season and now I'm watching the second. I'll try to get back on this forum more often. Great anime! :
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Hell Correspondence?
Hell Correspondence, Hotline To hell or what ever you want to call it! if you have a link tell me real or not still fun and what do you think of the whole thing?
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Jigoku Tsushin
Everything and anything about Jigoku Shoujo!
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Jigoku Shoujo Searies Talk
A fourm to talk about the Jigoku Shoujo searies, and all the stuff that has to do with it as well.
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Hell GirlBleach xover RP! Anyone and Everyone Welc
Just a roleplay for a crossover between Hell Girl and Bleach. Everyone welcome to join.
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Hell's Gate
Talk and discuss things that happen in the episodes. Make friends, talk about your own personal grudges, and just have fun!
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