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Another Hellsing RP
JOIN! Rated M. *revamped and active*
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Crossovers and RPs
come RP,do as u wish,add any charaters you want and have fun !
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Hellsing RP: Rebirth
Several years have passed since Integra Hellsing's death. Her organisation has lost its two most powerful weapons and now stands at the edge of the precipice. They must pit a new generation of vampire fighters against new threats. OC RP.
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Hellsing's New Age
This is a Hellsing RP that takes place ten more years after the events of Hellsing. Everyone's organizations are running back full steam! Millenium has regrouped, thanks to Doc's preplan, of creating two backup cyborgs of himself and The Major, to continue his experimentation and develop more ways to fell the world. Hellsing and Iscariot are at a temporary truce, but who knows how long this will last, and Hellsing has hired new help. (OC's are welcome, and canon characters are available)
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La Mansión Hellsing
Bienvenidos a la Mansión de Hellsing. Recórrela desde los calabozos hasta las altas torres, escudriña tras sus muros en busca de los secretos legendarios para cazar vampiros, revisa la correspondencia para saber de Iscariote o de Millennium. Presentate en el Cuartel para combatir a los monstruos. Aquí encontrarás juegos, retos y un espacio ameno para compartir y divertirnos. ¡Que lo disfrutes!
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Midian: A Hellsing Forum
To discuss the fiction written based on the Anime, Manga and OVA series Hellsing by Kouta Hirano. All topics: characterizations, diverse canons, methods, reading preferences, beta searching, questions, plot bunnies, doubts, etc.
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Alucard and Seras ONLY!
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Hellsing Forever Fandom
Forum dedicated to Hellsing and Hellsing fans. If you love Hellsing and want to discuss anything related to it, you have come to the right place!
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New Pairings and Ideas
Throw out all your ideas on pairings that I should do, or attempt! Let me know what you think that I should be writing!
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My thoughts about Hellsing
Alucard is awesome and he is a good vampire that follows Integra orders. I hate the fact that he change :police girl: seras victoria into a vampire. I mean that she is not listening to Alucard when it comes to blood.
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AxI stories
I don't mean to point fingers, but some people blow AxI way out of context
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Hellsing Madness
This is a Hellsing Roleplay! The Rosters are separated by Hellsing members, Iscariot members, and civilians. I will probably add more catagories but for now these are all. Please read the rules before posting anything!
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World War Four: Hellsing and Nuclear War
I was reading a book on the Cuban missile crisis and I got to thinking about nuclear war. What would Alucard think of nuclear war. Would he be for or against it. Would it scare him or make him laugh? I want to hear your thoughts.
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A forum for discussing anything from your favorate characters and pairings to the dreaded Mary-Sue and your pet peeves.
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Hellsing RP
Come and have fun!
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Crossover ideas
I'm twisting a crossover that's been used before, and I need some feedback on whether it's a good idea or not. Just tell me what you think
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Hell Yeah! A Hellsing RP
This is the Hellsing RP that hopefully wont die . Please join
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The Outcasts of Hellsing RP
Basically, I once was in this RP called Hellsing RP, run by Exlio, and he had a roleplay called After The Great War. If you were apart of this you are more then..no, begged to join back up! PLEASE! 3 Love Ya'll.
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Ask Schirodinger!
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 5 - Since: 02-18-13 - Admin: kirst-3
Hellsing: the blood wars
A war has broke out between the Hellsing Organization and Iscariot. Which side will win? Cannons and Oc's welcome.
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Alucard needed for rp!
I want someone to please be willing to play a kick ass Alucard for at least one of my many ideas..if interested please let me know!
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Hellsing: Only for Alucardcrazy girls!
look, this forum was created so i cud talk to somegirls about one thing from Hellsing....Hot guys and who r those hot guys! p.s i am a girl despite my name Alucard110...im changing it...
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just about everything about hellsing is sexy
this is going to be anything and everything about Hellsing. i chose this name for lack of a better one so yeah. thats all.
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Alucard fangirls unite
fangirls of Alucard unite and just chat about how much you love him. and any other related character.
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Dagger1211's Hellsing story Form
This is a place to ask me questions or give me comments and ideas on my two stories, Fade and New Girl.
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