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Playing Favorites: A One on One Couples RP Forum
Have you ever found a roleplay where the characters you wanted all were taken? The pairings you liked were mocked, or made fun of? Or maybe no one wanted to do that or the other character was already in a plot. THEN COME HERE!
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Yo amo hetalia ¿y tu?
Este es un foro para quienes amamos hetalia habrá retos juegos sugerencias recomendaciones juego de rol absolutamente todo aceptado
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ShayAliceSapphHatake Hetalia RP
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Wow, ANOTHER Hetalia RP
A Hetalia RP. You can choose a country that's not taken and OC's are welcome if they're a real country not in the anime or manga. WARNING: Profanity filter is OFF
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Hetalia RPG
Just come on over and join. OCs are allowed.
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Heta Cafe: Hetalia Canon and AU Roleplay
The Heta Cafe is a rp forum dedicated to all the role-play lovers out there who came to read but stay to write. Bring your laptop or computer, pull up a chair in this cyber cafe and get ready to role-play as your favorite Hetalia character or OC in canon and alternate universes!
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HetaVerses: Hetalia Canon and Alternate Universes
This forum is specifically dedicated to the many different AUs and verses associated with or found in much of the Hetalia fandom. Includes ones specifically for Hetalia and general AUs for all of your story arc needs.
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The Fangirl War
Private. No, you can't join. Don't message me about it. Don't enter a character. Don't ask for your Russia-chan. No, no, no, no. It's private.
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Hetalia Academy
Welcome to Hetalia Academy *CLOSED* This forum has moved to Anime Academy /forum/Anime-Academy/151109/
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Cats before everything
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Hetalia Role Playing!
Hello everyone! Here's another RP for Hetakus. Both OCs and canon characters are welcome. Please join, and have fun! We have lots of empty spots... WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!
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Hetalia Roleplay!
Hetalia roleplay. PLEASE JOIN! OC's are welcome.
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Hetalia Yaoi RP
A Hetalia Yaoi RP Yuri is aloud as well.
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United States of Hetalia!
Roleplay as up to three of the U.S. states, territories, or districts. Enjoy reenacting historical events or make your own history at the state conference. Most importantly, have fun!
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Hetalia: Next Generation
Here's all the new 21st century country reps! Feel free to sign up and have some Hetalia fun Fall in love, fight in war, make alliances! And all that! We take OCs of new countries and new version of the old countries!
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Hetalia: The Roleplay
Hello! This is a forum for those who are a fan of Hetalia. Come and RP or talk hope you join and oc are welcome. Rp closed but please pm for the new one
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Brutal Death Denial Support Group
For all the readers of the Brutal series who KNOW a lot of character deaths were only typos. Converse with your fellow readers, get support if the denial ever passes, and ensure neither the story nor the characters will ever really die.
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Letters Around the World
Do you have story where reviewers send letters to certain countries? If so, it is against the rules, but this forum has the solution to making this legal. Just create a forum topic and let the letters roll in.
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Oh look, yet another Hetalia RP!
Here is a magical little place to roleplay! But this little summary can't do the real thing justice, so drop in. Feel free to join at any time!
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Hetalia RP Time!
Come here to RP with Hetalia charries and OCs!
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Great, Another Hetalia RP
A Hetalia RP, I hope it doesn't die, a place home to "RUSSIA AND POLPOL SITTING IN A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...and having each others babies."
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Hetalia: Stranded
Britain. America. Germany. Russia. France. Prussia. Greece. Spain. Canada. Italy V. Italy R. Japan. AND MORE! Dear God save their souls.Well this is gonna be a whole lotta fun...
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Hetalia RP - Act of Arms - World War Xero
Hetalia. Ocs. School. Countries. Continents. And holy mother of goodness gracious, intergalactic wars. Which means aliens. Space ships. And dimensions. Why don't you join us in the fun? We need more students/countries!
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St Andrew and St George
ChickenHax and Chibi Ookami-sama's Scotland x England RP's. PRIVATE ROLE PLAY.
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Growing Tomatoes: A One on One Hetalia RP Forum
This is a reform of "Playing Favorites: A One on One Couples RP Forum." The forum died out, and in it's place this one was born. Here you don't have to worry about a character you want being taken, just start your own individual roleplays and meet new RP partners. It's one on one! No need to stress over pairing bashing or others not liking your ideas, it's pure freedom of obsession expression. Feel free to join in, new RPers are always welcome!
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