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Hetalia Roleplay
Roleplay for you Hetalia lovers! Roleplay restarted on 5/14/2013; all characters claimed by non-moderators and some claimed by moderators are now open. Feel free to reclaim your character if you already had one. A new roleplay will be started (Titled 'Royalty and Intrigue RP'). Feel free to join in. More RPs will likely be added, especially upon request.
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Wow, ANOTHER Hetalia RP
A Hetalia RP. You can choose a country that's not taken and OC's are welcome if they're a real country not in the anime or manga. WARNING: Profanity filter is OFF
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HetaVerses: Hetalia Canon and Alternate Universes
This forum is specifically dedicated to the many different AUs and verses associated with or found in much of the Hetalia fandom. Includes ones specifically for Hetalia and general AUs for all of your story arc needs.
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Hetalia Academy
Welcome to Hetalia Academy
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Hetalia Roleplay!
Hetalia roleplay. PLEASE JOIN! OC's are welcome.
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Roleplaying forum.
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United States of Hetalia!
Roleplay as up to three of the U.S. states, territories, or districts. Enjoy reenacting historical events or make your own history at the state conference. Most importantly, have fun!
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Heta Cafe: Hetalia Canon and AU Roleplay
The Heta Cafe is a rp forum dedicated to all the role-play lovers out there who came to read but stay to write. Bring your laptop or computer, pull up a chair in this cyber cafe and get ready to role-play as your favorite Hetalia character or OC in canon and alternate universes!
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Hetalia: The Roleplay
Hello! This is a forum for those who are a fan of Hetalia. Come and RP or talk hope you join and oc are welcome
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Hetalia RP!
Hello people! This is yet another RP for all you Hetalia lovers out there. Roleplay as either a canon or OC. Please join, and have fun with it!
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Gakuen Hetalia Roleplay Forum
With Rome as the Headmaster of the university, who wouldn't expect a twisted and awesome school life? Enjoy school and club activities, dorm life, special events and craziness with fellow RPers. Roleplay either as students or teachers! Copyright 2013-2014.
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Hetalia RP - Act of Arms - World War Xero
Hetalia. Ocs. School. Countries. Continents. And holy mother of goodness gracious, intergalactic wars. Which means aliens. Space ships. And dimensions. Why don't you join us in the fun? We need more students/countries!
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hetalia love
anybody can rpg with me but you need to be paired with a hetalia character, can choose anybody but Scotland, hes mine, and you have to have your oc be a country
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Hetalia RP
Invite Only!
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Juego de roles hetaliano
Un foro por juego de roles en la Hetalia fandom. El admin mayor de idioma nativo es inglés, pero él trata... /El foro es actualmente en construcción./
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Hetalia French RP
Bonjour les frenchies et autres francophones ! Venez prendre un personnage de votre choix s'il n'est pas déjà pris et suivez le thème imposé ! Je verrai dans le futur si vous pouvez proposer vos propres thèmes ;D
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For Hetalia roleplayers! :3
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Hetalia Roleplay
An active Hetalia roleplay! Come, join, and it'll be awesome! *Active* PM me if you want a Character
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The HetaWorld Club: All Nations Roleplay
Welcome to the HetaWorld Club! There you can sit back, relax and roleplay as your favourite Hetalia characters!
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The Awesomely Heroic Maple Syrup-Flavored Hetalia RolePlay!
For anyone who wants to chat about or roleplay Hetalia! And I mean that really loosely; We could do anything from an ordinary World Meeting roleplay, to a dark kindergarten werewolf AU! More details inside though, bros ! And yes. The forum really is maple syrup flavored. Please refrain from eating it. *looks pointedly at any canadians* -3- ACTIVE PEEPS
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Random Roleplay!
This is where you come to Roleplay randomly! You don't even have to Roleplay, you can just read the rps if you like.
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Just A Teensy Hetalia RP Fer Friends
Jush a little random roleplay for Hetalia friends. Invite only !
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Just another Hetalia RP
Just hetalia RP, really. Everyone is welcome, but NO smut/M rated things are allowed, AT ALL. OCs welcome!
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Humorously roleplay as the Hetalia characters or create your own OC for a country! There are separate sections for shonen-ai/shoujo-ai and canon roleplay. I give you permission to have fun with other Hetalia lovers! You're welcome.
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Hetalia! One World
Welcome to One World High, an international scholarship based private school in Bavaria founded to celebrate the multicultural reforms of the past century! You will be enrolling as the member of our second set of graduating classes, as this is only the fifth year of our program here. You will find dormitories arranged by continent, country, and gender though these groups will be thoroughly swapped around for classes. Please make sure to read your brief instruction booklet before beginning. Have Fun!
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