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Hetalia Rp!
Hetalia rp - Have fun, tell friends. Ocs and Canons welcome.
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Hetalia Love Contest
Alright, here's the situation: I'm about to write a Hetalia story. There is going to be my OC in it (Acadia) and I don't know who to pair her up with. So, to all those who read my fanfics, or who like Hetalia as much as I do, YOU can decide who will be Acadia's love interest! You CAN NOT choose France, England, America or Canada.
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history more of 18
so to more of 18 year and fans of hetalia and gerita
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Hey guys! I have a poll for a title for my newest fan fiction idea! I need help finding out a name for my story so I need you guys to answer the poll! It would mean a lot if you guys took part of this poll, because I have no idea for a title, please help!
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