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Dead or Alive
It was a normal day at school when Them showed up and utter chaos started. A group of people band together to survive but monsters keep mutating each day, increasing the risks of being one of Them. Not your average HOTD, Guts, blood, sexual content. Rated M
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A Highschool of the Dead rp, like the title states. Just as a warning, I don't do infinite ammo. Survival mode is on, so expect zombies, horror, gore and lots of drama as our mostly teen ocs try to make it through this. Canons will be added later, once we get past all that happens in the anime. *STILL ACTIVE*
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Highshcool of the Dead RP
*OC'S NEEDED!* Roleplay as your OC's and kick some zombie booty! There will be Action, Adventure, Romance, and much more! This will be OC's only for now, but I might allow canon characters later: Profanity Allowed.*
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HOTD: OC Role Play
High School of the Dead Role Play! Admin. On every day and does not discriminate so don't be afraid to join! There will be Action, Adventure, Romance, and much more! OC's only. I will not look at any apps that aren't spaced out and clear: Profanity Allowed.
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HOTD next stop washington
this is basically a role play version of my story it can help give me ideas if you have a oc in my story you can use it here im using peter roland and anita (my ocs) and well have fun profanity allowed
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High School of the Dead RP forum
Here is a RP forum for High School Of the Dead ,Cannons, OCs are welcome, hoping to get some new life into this place, so come on in and have fun.
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Highschool of the Dead RP
rp for highschool of the dead aduh XD make your own charrie!
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HOTD Roleplay: The American Outbreak
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High School of the Dead Roleplay of Awesomeness
Create an OC and have fun finding love, making friends, living a happy life. Oh yeah! And trying to survive while being alive during a zombie apocalypse! Oh the joys! Open for all to join!
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Welcome to America, home of the dead!
Japan wasn't the only country hit... -Open and ready for business!
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HOTD RolePlay
A new roleplay forum for HOTD where the admin are online everyday so it doesn't die.
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Ruin or New Life A Highschool of the Dead Rp
Life was difficult but it became more tougher after the dead started roaming the earth some fought to survive while others choose to die yet others killed for nothing but the sake of killing so when the world fell apart it became a choice to live in ruin or move on to live a new life this is the story of the survivors who choose life.
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Oh, yes. It's back. Get ready to kick zombie booty again!
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Highschool Of The Dead (HOTD RP)
When Ōkami finds himself in a deadly situation, his first mission is to find others who have survived this zombie apocalypse. Who will he end up with in order of surviving the corpses who feed on the living humans. Who will die next? Will you be with his gang, living through hell!
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HighSchool of the Dead RP
Just as the title says...a roleplay for Highschool of the Dead. Create an OC or play as one of the canon characters. The choice is yours!
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HOTD: PvP Enabled
Trapped in Fujimi High with no help coming any time soon, two factions of students wage war to survive the longest and gather as many supplies as possible. The East Wing, who hold the third floor and roof and desperately try to cooperate in order to survive; and the West Wing, who guard the front doors and aim to do whatever they want, whenever they want, even if they have to kill for it.
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Highschool of the Dead RP
Make a zombie killer and slaughter thousands of zombies alongside the HOTD cast. Maybe make a zombie killer that's a zombie also! Do whatever the hell you want!
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Watch the World Burn
On December 9, 2023, the apocalypse began. You were a student attending a small school, which was hit early by the initial horde. You managed to escape danger for now, but now, you must survive! A plain old zombie survival RP which may or may not have supernatural elements!
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Streets of the Dead: an HoTD Roleplay
We've survived. We're surviving today. And we'll keep on going, continue onward in this endless Survival Game.
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HighSchool of the Dead RolePlay
Zombies have infected the world! They are everywhere! EVERYWHERE, I say! Create an Oc, or play as a canon character, and just try to survive! Open for anypenguin to join! \(O.O)/
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High School Of The Dead
Everyone can join! Have fun and enjoy. Lemons allowed.
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The Zombie War
Z-day 2months: The initial panic and fear of the first days has past. The surviving population has regrouped and brought the war to a stalemate as neither side can destroy the other. Now it has transitioned into a war between the various military, civilian and bandit as they begin to expand. And Don't think the zombies are gone! They still dominate the world and remain the biggest threat! Sign up and kick ass!
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Highschool Of The Dead Roleplay!
Roleplay for HOTD!I only except rolplayers that are realistic and DETAILED!so if your not either of those.Don't apply.kay?kay.
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Survive the end of the world in a zombie apocalypse and then repopulate.
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Survival of the fittest: HOTD RP Forum
Its an ordinary morning until Hell breaks loose! Who will survive?
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