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The Neverending Road Forum: The HnG Fanfic
Discussions of the best Hikaru no Go Fanfiction that faithfully depicts the continuation of HnG. Word count so far is 500,000 and counting.
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Hikaru no Go Forum
Welcome to the Hikaru no Go forum. How much do you know about this series? And how much do you know about Go? Post your opinions here
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Hikaru no Go Slash Forum
A forum for discussing Hikago yaoi and shonenai. All pairings welcome.
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hikaru no go
come role play...
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Changing Hikaru no Go
If you were dissapointed by the beginning, middle or end of this show please do tell. What did you want to happen that didn't? Or what happened that just made you chuck the television out the window?
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Hikary no go is sooooo cool!
If you think Hikaru no go is cool then here is the place you want to write how is it cool.
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Hikaru No Go Magic And Fantasy
It's all about Hikaru No Go
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For anyone, who has a plotbunny running around his head that for whatever reason you can't work into a story and for anyone looking for story ideas.
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Hikaru no 5
For HNG fans. Everything about HNG. Hikaru no go RPG
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