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Hunter x Hunter Great Rp
(OPEN and NEW) "Hunters," a person that has proven themselves through rigorous examination to be an elite member of humanity. With the passing of the examination, a Hunter is rewarded with a license to go almost anywhere in the world or do almost anything. Typically, Hunters devote themselves to tracking down priceless items, mystical places, and the unseen wonders of the world. (takes place 1 year after the anime) (ACTIVE)
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Hunter's RP
I noticed a lack of HunterxHunter RP forums so I decided to create one.
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Stories Galore
A forum for readers and writers to talk about Hunter X Hunter, its characters, plots, and many more! Advertising, Concrit Requests, and challenge-postings welcome!
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Hunter X Hunter Rp
Hunters from all over the world want to discover the magic of mystery... now its your chance to as well.
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Gender issue'
I know it may sound crazy... but I always thought of Kurapika as a girl... I mean with the facial features and the feminine gestures... I still believe he's a she... what do you think?
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Corazon Hunter
¡Hunter x Hunter 2011 termino! ¡El manga esta paralizado! y a pesar de eso sigue vivo en nuestros corazones. Es hora de demostrar que seguimos amando el anime y el manga, aquí, en "Corazón Hunter" podrás participar, comentar, rolear y jugar juegos con los demás usuarios. ¡Bienvenido sea!
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Comunidad del Cazador
Hey huntermaníaco! Entra y diviértete en nuestro foro, tenemos retos y juegos sobre nuestra serie favorita.
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Adventure X Hunter X Hunter
While the main characters do things on their side of the world, there's a whole slew of things to see and do with other hunters doing what they do best. Canon characters are secondary, while ocs are a must. Come and explore this world, and hunt for your query.
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Hunter x Hunter Heaven
Original name, ja? Fans from all over the world, let us come together to voice our love for the series! Talk about anything that has to do with HxH from Gon and Killua's relationship to Kurapika's eyecolor!
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Killua Gon
You can talk about anything Hunter X Hunter here. No intense swearing or otherwise bad things.
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Chocomaniacs Welcomed: Just One Click away
Can't find a good forum thats both welcoming and Killua loving. Well here is one.And it is just one click away. Go ahead, click.
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So you wanna be a Hunter
The world is filled with wonder, fantastical creatures and freaking murders but hey what are you wanna be read the rules and create something great and wonderful or something stupid and funny ether way so long as we all have fun.
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Got OC?
Hahahaa. So you think you have created a character who's worth to be in the anime or the manga itself? Well, let's see...
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Stories Galore: Heavens Arena RP
A sub-forum of Stories Galore forum. This is an open RP forum which takes place in Heavens Arena.
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Chit Chat About HXH
Para fanficcer hunterXhunter indonesia mari kita saling berbincang disini :D
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New Hunter Association
This is a Forum for posting original characters for the world of hunter x hunter. We can trade original characters. Have Roleplays for exams and all that good stuff. We can also just discuss the hunter x hunter world in general. Have fun
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hunter x hunter
this is for HXH fans. i know everything about HXH. so you want ask something?
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Specially Dedicated To Hisoka And Illumi
I'm totally crazy about both these characters, but the forum is for everything about HxH.
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You want to be a Hunter
You can be your own hunter. Chat, teach, and test your hunting skills.
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Hunters' Website
Welcome to the Hunters' Website, where Hunters from all over the world come to exchange valuable information!
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Hunter x hunter
Foro dedicado a debates, retos y otras cositas referentes a esta obra maestra.
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Hunter x Hunter Indonesia
Hunter x Hunter fans di Indonesia mari kumpul di sini. Sebelum join, baca rules ya :)) Rules: -Bahasa sopan -Reader/Author HxH Fanfic -Tidak boleh menjelek-jelekkan sesama member -Kalau mau protes langsung ke admin -Jika ingin mengepost karya, dipersilakan -Dilarang debat -Dilarang mancing emosi -Dilarang bicara kotor, hal-hal yang berbau H, Y, Y, SARA, dll -Dilarang membandingkan karakter -Dilarang menggurui soal HxH -Dilarang spoiler manga/anime HxH Enjoy this group!
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Hunter x Hunter Writing Challenges
Post Hunter x Hunter writing challenges for authors. Any writing challenges are welcome. Romance, AU, humor, anything!
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Hunter X Hunter
3 nekos set out ob a journey through japan but met four boys that changed thier lives
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Amistad Placentera
Gon es un joven curioso e impetuoso, una combinación que le lleva a descubrir un universo inexplorado en sí mismo en brazos de su mejor amigo. "Killua x Gon"
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