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Come on down to the IGPX forum! Talk about anything you want!
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IGPX: The Immortal Grand Prix
A place for fans of IGPX to come and discuss the show and the stories inspired by it.
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This is a place for all Amy Stapleton fans to discuss about her.
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Takeshi and Liz
Will they get together?
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Favorite Pairings
just a simple talk for those who love to talk about parings. Anyone is allowed. you can talk about Takeshi x Fantine or Amy x Cunningham any pariring as long as it's igpx characters
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Clear Blue Skies: The AmyLiz forum
The name says it all. Come here and talk about the pairing of Amy Stapleton and Liz Ricarro.
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Takeshi x Cunningham
Discuss anything related to Takeshi and Cunningham! And their super gay rival love!
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IGPX Team Hurricane
A new Legend is born! Miles Anderson had Risen fallen and rose again in Igpx. And the former UBRC Racer is set to create a team of his own that will change the sport forever.
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