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The one and only Inazuma Elevenイナズマイレブン
WHAT? There's no forum in Anime/Manga category.. Well I'll make one! xD So here you can discuss all about Inazuma Eleven series and chat with fellow Inazuma Lovers. Sakkā Yaroze! :D
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IE fangirls
Wanna know how many other people have the same crush from IE as you? Check out this forum and find out.
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Inazuma Roleplay Party House!
Love to roleplay? Love Inazuma Eleven, any and every series? This is the place for you! Come on in, maybe make an OC or two and have fun!
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Crazy And Proud Fangirls
Are you a crazy fangirl and are proud of it? Then join us and discuss about your favourite characters/pairing/episodes or just torture some of the people you hate. Make some friends and join the fun!
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Inazuma Eleven
Foro para todos los fans de éste maravilloso anime, un lugar para comentar, jugar, arriesgarte con retos y divertirte con el resultado.
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Eleventh Division
The official place where critiques of the I11 game or anime archive, join forces for the sake of good-written stories.
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role play any character you want! reply to create an OC or claim a cannon character now! WARNING: ONLY ONE OC PER PERSON.
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Your Likes and Hates in Inazuma Eleven
I'm bored so I made this! Talk, share and discuss about what you like and hate in I11. It could be your favorite couples, characters, episodes, etc. and also your least favorite couple, character, episode, etc. TALK NOW!
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Underground Base
Got any questions? Fanfiction Requests? Challenges? Want to ask for writing help? Beta/Proofreaders? Or do you want critique for your OC/Fanfic? Or do you simply want to talk about Inazuma Eleven and its greatness? Exchanging opinions, playing games, have fun? Come here! [Sub-Forums are for Fangirl/Fanboying and Off Topic Chat. Keep it civil!]
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Legend of Inazuma
Inazuma Eleven to us is merely a video game, tv show, manga, a story, a fantasy; nothing more. We lived our daily lives, but perhaps somewhere, we wished this world was truth? It was then few people were revealed to have dreams, dreams of them being certain characters from the series, though the story seemed slightly different from what they remembered. You are such people, reincarnations of the heroes, villians, characters of the inazuma universe.
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SET Company Soccer Entertainment Team Company
Want a team who wants to sing and dance? Well your in luck! Because S.E.T Company is at your service! Where we watch soccer players can show us their singing and dancing! Oh... this is my first forum too
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CopyCats Catcher
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¿Endaki o Ichaki?
Aki Kino es, sin duda, mi chica y personaje favorito de Inazuma Eleven. ¿Es también el vuestro? Lo que es difícil es emparejarla entre sus dos pretendientes, ¿Endo o Ichinose? Comenta quien te parece mejor.
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¡Inazuma Go!
Bienvenidos al foro de Silvia-Chan! Aquí son bienvenidos todos los Fans de Inazuma Eleven. Comenten y opinen :
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Smile when you want to burn. Laugh when you want to kill. Giggle when you want to destroy. Because we're like that. It's people like us who control the seat of power, the ambitions behind every throne in the world. There will always be someone better than the best. That's who we are.
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¡Ven por un reto!
¿Eres escritor(a) aquí en fanfiction? ¿Te gustan los retos? ¿Te gusta inazuma eleven? ¡Este es tú lugar! retos, competencias, que el mejor Fanfic gane!
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Inazuma Challenges
Para todos los amantes del mundo de Inazuma les presento este foro, donde encontrarás juegos, retos, topics, etc. ¿Estás dispuesto a entrar?
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Aliea Gakuen Revolution
Es un grupo integrado por fickers cuya finalidad es promover el uso correcto del sitio web , así como proporcionar tips y/o consejos a escritoras noveles que deseen mejorar la calidad de sus historias. Dichos consejos van desde cuestiones ortográficas y gramaticales hasta la creación y desarrollo apropiado de personajes originales (OCs) para evitar que caigan en la categoría de Mary Sue o Gary Stu que tanto mal le han causado al fandom y al sitio en general.
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Jamás creí amarte
Algunas imagenes sobre mi fic
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rol,retos y demas
hooolaa a tod@s este es un foro en donde se podran discutir,rolear, entre otras cosas sobre esta serie,los temas a tratar pueden ser cualquiera, incluye a l@s que les gusta el yaoi, yuri. eso no tiene importancia aqui todo es bienvenido.
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Inazuma OCs
Find out more about other Inazuma OCs to make sure that they don't have the same hairstyle, looks, or specialities like yours and keep your OC unique! You are allowed to submit as much OCs as you want.
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inazuma eleven questions
just random forum!
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¿Que Mierda sucede? Kimidori
Los que sucede cuando los sueños se vuelven muy reales en ocaciones pensamos que si sucedieron x D Pobre Hiroto lo que le sucede cuando se va a dormir ! Kimidori por siempre 3
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OTP Prompts and Challenges
Because I'm bored. A forum for all the Inazuma shippers out there! Prompts and challenges here! FOR INAZUMA ELEVEN PAIRINGS ONLY, NO GO! OR CHRONO STONE HERE. Sorry.
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Haruna, ¿cual sería su pareja perfecta?
Todos la conocen dulce,amable,cariñosa pero siempre ahí problemas al emparejarla a quién elegirías tú .Entren y dejen su opinion todo el mundo es bienvenido aquí
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