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The IS Academy
Welcome to the IS Academy. Talk, train, interact with other IS students and (if you can write it well enough) The main characters from the show! Enrollment is year round. Welcome and enjoy.
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Infinite Stratos RP
An OC centered RP taking place after the events of the first season. Come on in and make a character and IS!
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Infinite Stratos: Deus Ex Machina
What if there were more students that enrolled in the first year at IS Academy? How would things be changed?
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Welcome to Infinite Stratos Forum
For those of you who've watched Infinite Stratos and want to discuss more about the said anime, please come over to this forum and let's discuss.
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mech crossover featuring Infinite stratos
basically I added multiple different mech stuff, anything mech goes here, but I will aslso add an IS rp side
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The Stragglers(Private)
To all those from The IS Academy forum, this is your safe haven for the time being! Feel free to chat, relax, discuss characters, make side-roleplays, and anything you feel like. This is private to only members of the IS Academy forum. All others interested in hanging out and the like need to PM me first.
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Orimura Clan
The idea comes from Emiya Clan discussion meme in The Mechanics of In Flight Forum. Ichika with his ability to attract women, starts his own clan. Discuss everything here!
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Infinite Stratos Academy RP Mk II
This is a re-initiation of the previous IS Academy RP. This will also serve to bridge the gap between high quality role playing as present in the original Academy RP and also the more free willed, short posting forums. In other words, role players from different backgrounds and experiences are now all welcomed! Currently accepting new players, come join now! Let not the IS universe roleplays cease its existence on Fanfiction!
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Infinite Forums
Anything you want to discuss about Infinite Stratos! From the light novels to actual stories in the archive, we do it here. Favorite pairings and what not too. With the status of the LN and anime being dead (or not. I don't know. It's confusing.), we can still have a nice discussion about it here! Please be respectful though.
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Correct English Translations of Infinite Stratos T
A discussion on what are the correct translations of certain terms found in Infinite Stratos. E.X Dunois or Dunoa.
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