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Initial D Other Canon Character development
The other characters other than Project D could have been developed further. It's just that Shigeno didn't think about it. Do you have any ideas as to how other characters could have been improved or expanded upon? We'd like to hear about it!
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Initial D OC character discussion
This is for people, such as the writers in Initial D Xtreme, to discuss things about their original characters. Since some of us borrow characters, I figured it'd be a good idea to have a place to talk about our characters in detail.
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Ask GTSilverShadow
Don't know an inberta from an extend port from an Integrale? Don't have a clue what Ryousuke is telling Project D every race? Ask for help here and I will either help you or laugh at your stupid questions.
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Wangan Midnight
Do we need a Wangan Midnight section? Do you love the game? Do you have a WMiD fic? Feel free to speak out.
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Superstitions in Initial D
Discuss about things that you know about Initial D that are not true.
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Is Project D the end?
you think Initial D will still continue on? Give your opinions and views on this!
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The garage
Yet another place to talk about Initial D on more than one subject.
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Initial D Stuff
Initial D Stuffy'know, just post your favorite things about Initial D. Please, someone, post.
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A brief, practical guide to cars for the fanfictio
The objective of this forum is to create a peer reviewed, easy to read guide for writing fanfiction for Initial D. The goal of this project is provide a resource to improve Initial D fanfiction and stimulate interest in cars in general.
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Initial D players
if you play initial d in arcade or any other console come and share your stories with us :
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