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Inuyasha Roleplay Universe
Welcome to the Inuyasha Roleplay Universe! Come on in, claim you characters, chat, recommend your favorite Inuyasha fics, and there may be a game or two! OCs accepted. *EDIT* Please, no spamming topics! Information of this new rule is available in the General Information topic and the Chat topic.
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Inuyasha Role play
Here u can be a character from Inuyasha or an OC!
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Si aún lo andas gritando por ahí, esperando encontrar a tu hanyō estampado contra el suelo: llegaste al lugar ideal para los amantes de InuYasha. ¡PASATE POR ACÁ Y PARTICIPÁ! No podemos dejar de advertirte: tu estancia aquí puede provocarte adicción, insomnio, ataques fangirleros, hemorragias nasales, visitas al lado oscuro, endeudamiento, ganas de tirar la computadora por la ventana, risas de foca descontrolada, y un gran e interminable etc. Eso sí: ¡nos divertimos!
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Role Play, and Have Fun!
Welcome! I've re-done the Forum, and now, anyone can join! You can choose from any of the canon characters, or make an OC and join! But remember, Have Fun !
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Inuyasha Rp and Chat
A place were you can Have fun in Role play with your Oc or you can Chat about stuff in the Chat room
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Inuyasha Talk: Mostly Pairings
What's your favourite pairing and most hated pairing? Want to discuss characters? Who do you like most and who do you like least? EXPRESS YOUR NEEDED OPINIONS HERE.
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The New Gang - Naraku's Blood Brother and the Heavenly Jewel
Naraku's blood brother has just come back to Japan to find out Naraku is dead and goes to take his revenge by going after the Heavenly Jewel that has magically showed up after hundreds of years, Naraku's blood brother wants to take over and change the world. A new group of hero's team up along the way against him but will they be enough to stop him? What will happen if the Jewel falls into the wrong hands? Why did the Jewel appear? And will they run into anyone of the many people who was after Naraku?
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The Modern Adventure!
So this is just an RPG of yourself being put into the feudal era. You can choose if you are truly meant to be an ordinary human or a human with powers example: Monk/Priest/Priestess/Witch/Warlock etc. Or if being a human isn't for you make your self a half/full or even mixed demon. What ever you want to be is ok in here, this is a RPG is for fun.
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InuYasha RP
InuYasha Rp! Where demons, Half-demons and the like can run wild and cause chaos! War, Love, Power, all welcomed here.
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Inuyasha Word Association Game
We all know the word association game, but let's take it to the next level!
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Hazme el amor
Atrévete a entrar al foro y ¡hazme el amor! O a InuYasha, Sesshomaru, Miroku...se sucia, tierna, ruda, tímida, salvaje, dulce, y ¡haznos el amor a todas! Este foro fue creado para los adictos a InuYasha y su mundo. Retos, juegos, debates y recomendaciones. ¿Serás lo suficientemente intrépida y atrevida para participar?
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OC Making and Chatting
Here you're welcome to create an OC and chat or fall in love or whatever with other players' OCs! Limit is 4 OCs per person! I will be on here too! I must approve of your OC before you can join talking, though! Pic right now... A dog demon...
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Inuyasha RP
Make your own inuyasha character Can be related to Inuyasha characters if you like.
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Inuyasha RolePlay
An Inuyasha chat, role-play, and fanfiction room
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Inuyasha: The Adervture Contiunes!
Join the inuyasha cast, in the travels to beat Naraku! or would join Naraku in his quest to become the strongest demon!. Or you can be as nerutal as the great dog demon Sesshomaru.
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Inuyasha! Choose your character and RP in Feudal Japan!
Cannon and Original Characters are welcome, Grab you characters while you can and/or create your own! See you there!
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For all those people out there like myself who just HATE kagome. Heres a forum exclusivley for haters of that ugly annoying BH.
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You can do what ever you want! Its Randomness!
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The Kikyo Haters Fanclub :: Hate Kikyo with others
Hate Kikyo?Wish she would die again?Call her clay pot?Then, come here!This is the unofficial Kikyo Haters Club!Members are always welcome!Have fun talking about hating Kikyo with other Kikyo haters!You can also RP here.
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Within the Demon's Eye
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La aldea Sengoku
Cada choza de esta aldea fue levantada con esfuerzo y sacrificio, ubicada a los pies del monte Hakurei, siendo el hogar de seres míticos como demonios y espectros. Acompáñanos a sumergirte en éste mundo de leyendas y personajes únicos. Atrévete a formar parte de nuestras filas.
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xx Ask Sesshoumaru and the Inugang! xx inactive
Whatever the title says! Sesshoumaru will definately be kept in character! Check it out!
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Who would you marry from the Inuyasha cast?
What type of demon would you be? Who would you marry on the Inuyasha cast list? Spring fling& or long term
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RolePlaying in the Feudal Era
Welcome to the Feudal Era! We offer more than just roleplaying here so come in and make yourself comfortable! Lots of chats, debates, and fun games here to entertain yourself. Don't be shy we welcome all new members!
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