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Inuyasha: The Adervture Contiunes!
Join the inuyasha cast, in the travels to beat Naraku! or would join Naraku in his quest to become the strongest demon!. Or you can be as nerutal as the great dog demon Sesshomaru.
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Inuyasha! Choose your character and RP in Feudal Japan!
Cannon and Original Characters are welcome, Grab you characters while you can and/or create your own! See you there!
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Inuyasha: The New Group
Naraku has been reborn. He has his sights set on a new source of power. The Jewel of Elements. With it he could control the forces of nature. It's up to a new group of heroes to stop him. But will they be able to work together?
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Inuyasha rp
An inuyasha rp. Lets RP!
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Inuyasha: The next Generation
A another Inuyasha rp. But please join.
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Inuyasha: New Beginnings
We all know that in the end Inuyasha and Kagome were married, Miroku and Sango had three children and Rin stayed with Jaeken and Sesshomaru. But we never saw how their lives changed from that point onward...Until now, that is! Join Inuyasha and friends on their newest adventure and watch all new drama unfold! Will Sesshomaru find love now that Kagura's gone? How will Kagome adjust to being a priestess and becoming a mother? And will Inuyasha be able to step up and become the father he never had? Only one wa
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Tales of Journey
"a Inuyasha RP set in an alternate timeline(or some bullshit) Create an OC and travel with friends through the mystical land of fueadal japan. Create your own feudal fairytale"
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InuYasha RP
An InuYasha RP; starting off when Kagome, InuYasha and Miroku find the Demon Slayer village to find out more about the shikon jewel shard. OC's welcomed. *ACTIVE*
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Inuyasha Universe(role-play)
I am a HUGE fan of this show.I decided to make my OWN forum of ,please join,have fun,and enjoy your self! :3
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Please enjoy this rp. Don't be shy to join. Rules no fighting each other. No drama! If you didn't get the part I'm sorry but please don't fight. This is a happy warm place. What should of happened on inuyasha. What would make it better. There is allowed to do cross overs. we do not shun people out either! we don't judge here neither . have fun here be silly anything
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Inuyasha: Goddess Jewel
A different kind of Roleplay so check it out. Plot idea is poster in history. Do not own Inuyasha.
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An Inuyasha after story
just what the title says, you get to make your own version of what happens to the Inuyasha's group after the Inuyasha series ended
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Inuyasha roleplay
So it is a roleplay you can create any character or be any character please don't argue out of character and follow the rules please thank you 3
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Inuyasha Roleplay!
3 years after the defeat of Naraku, Kagome dies of Pneumonia and new Humans, Half Demons, and demons rise and fight for the sacred jewel!
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Inuyasha New Generation RPG
Welcome come right in! :-P
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